Wear OS improves the way to check for system updates from the smartwatch

Google has updated Wear OS so easier to check for updates operating system. Basically, it is easier to know at a glance which version of Android we are using on the smartwatch, in a very similar way to how we do it on the mobile.

With Wear OS 3 on the horizon, the countdown begins for owners of a Wear OS smartwatch pending update to receive the update. In advance, we will be able to see better the version of the system that we have from the renewed section of System updates, in the clock settings.

Check for Wear OS updates

When looking for updates to the watch, Wear OS was not very specific in the past, simply stating that “system updated”, without any further explanation. On the other hand, the system information section in the settings indicates the installed version of various items such as Wear OS, Google Play Services and more from the settings.

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It is the update search screen that has been revamped with an update to Google Play Services. As of version 21.42.18, the screen changes completely. It continues to indicate that the clock is updated, but now it indicates the installed Android version and security patch.


It is interesting to know what is shown the Android version without further ado, instead of using the nomenclature that begins with the letter H and is still visible in Settings> About> Versions. It is also curious that the version of Wear OS is not indicated in this new update screen, although it is still visible from the same screen of previous versions.

That Google has opted to show the Android version and not Wear OS could indicate that in the future Wear OS versions sync with Android versions, similarly to what happens for example with Android TV. Of course, this has not happened for the moment because Wear OS 3 is based on Android 11.

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