“We Will Always Have Them in Our Hearts”: Horoscopos De Durango Separates

Through a statement, Vicky and Marisol Terrazas announced that the group reached its final chapter and thanked the public for all their support throughout their musical career.

This Monday, the sisters  Vicky and Marisol Terrazas announced through an official statement that  Los Horóscopos de Durango, a group founded by their father Armando Terrazas in 1975, reached its final chapter and thanked the public for all their support throughout his musical career. 

“Dear audience; Redbone fans, the media, colleagues who have been part of Horoscopos de Durango, businessmen, promoters, record labels, friends and family: With a heart full of gratitude and love, we thank you infinitely for all your affection, time, and talent. and for the faith that they have given us through so many years. Our chapter together, in this great story of Horoscopos de Durango, comes to an end ”, you can read in the publication. 

“We are left with so many beautiful memories that only you have given us over the years. A great stage in our lives that still feels like a beautiful dream; a dream come true”. 

Obviously, the sisters did not forget to thank their father, Armando Terrazas, for pursuing his dream, which later became theirs as well, in addition to thanking each of the members of his team, because “each one he gave part of his life with his time, passion, sacrifices, sweat and talent ”to the artistic career of the group. 

“And all this, obviously, due to the perseverance and great effort of El Jefe, our Father, Armando Terrazas, who 46 years ago decided to undertake with his dream of having and being part of a musical group, recognized and loved by the public. : I dream that later it would become ours too ”, the sisters wrote in the statement. 

Luckily, the interpreters of ‘Before dead than simple’ and ‘Dos locos’, confessed that “we finished this chapter together to enter another where we will continue to share our adventures with you.” 

Finally, the vocalists of Horóscopos de Durango explained that they were not in a fight and that they would continue to support each other unconditionally, in addition to clarifying that “the events that remain pending will be fulfilled.”  

Although I am not mentioned in the statement, it will be Marisol Terrazas who will be released as soloists soon and so she let it be known through her personal account on the little camera’s social network, where she shared a video to explain this new stage that is coming to she. 

“Good afternoon, soon I will give you more details for the moment I advance this to you. And of course, I have the support of Vicky and my father. With God’s favor, everything from the front and I hope to continue counting on your support. Thank you!” Regional Mexican music artist.

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