We teach you how to get Cristina Pedroche’s laminated eyebrows

Super-shaped, plucked and thin eyebrows are a thing of the last century and, although some resist growing their eyebrows, the truth is that every day we see more and more crowded eyebrows in women. Frida Kahlo she was a visionary and Cara Delevingne paved the way for foiled, undone brows to be the new fashion now. Cristina Pedroche, in his first appearances on television, he had thin and plucked eyebrows, but that was years ago. The presenter has changed her tastes and she has let them grow, now she wears them long, thick and combed. The laminated brows they are very easy to get, they need very little care. Follow our tips beauty to get this finish so trendy.

The girlfriend of Dabiz Munoz has become one of the women who plays the most with fashion and with the new looks. Although criticism rains down on her, she remains undaunted by his haters and keep innovating with innovative makeup. For some time now, the Vallecana has begun to wear thick, thick eyebrows.

Cristina Pedroche eyebrows

Get Cristina Pedroche’s laminated eyebrows with an eyelash serum

If you now have thin and heavily plucked eyebrows, we recommend using an eyelash fortifying serum and applying it to your eyebrows. It would be a good idea to include in your facial routine the Peony Limitless Eyelash Serum of Freshly Cosmetics to activate the growth and hardness of the hair, it is priced at 35 eurobut its long-term results are incredible.

In case you already have a fair amount of hair and just want to start taming your brows, we recommend the mascara. New Pro Gel Mascara Lash Serum of kiko milano which has a price of €9.99. Comb your brows up and diagonally, then squeeze with your fingers to fix the hair and let it dry for a few seconds. If even so, your eyebrows are rebellious and tend to return to their original shape, we recommend applying a little gel with a eyebrow comb or goupillon.

Cristina Pedroche eyebrows
Courtesy Kiko

Use clear mascara or gel to increase hold

It is possible that your eyebrows look irregular or that they have some bald spots in the part closest to the area between the eyebrows, it is normal. You can help yourself beveled brush or an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. If you want to make an effect of overpopulated eyebrows, you can draw with a special brush small hairs in the direction in which you have combed them. Try to go for a shade close to your brow hair for a natural finish.

It is likely that some hairs remain with different lengths, some comb their eyebrows upwards and, with a special blade, cut creating a downward and symmetrical angle on both sides. If you do not dare, you can always go to a beauty salon for advice and create a flattering design for your face.

Dua Lipa, rosalia, Carol G. and many other artists have already opted for laminated eyebrows. Cristina Pedroche She has not only opted to let her eyebrows grow, but every day she takes more care of her makeup and explores new horizons so as not to stop surprising us. jewel makeupfloating eyeliners, reverse shadows, and super-powerful highlighters, there’s nothing left you haven’t tried yet.

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