We present you 3 metaverse game tokens that have risen almost 590% in the week

Several game projects are being developed and released for the metaverse that promise to revolutionize the way you play and earn money.

Here are three gaming tokens that stood out for the week and were valued with triple-digit returns.

NELO Metaverse (NELO)

The Gaming Token NELO Metaverse (NELO) traded on Thursday (25) at USD 0.003943, which represents a rise of 587.16% in a week.

NELO Metaverse has in its project some initiatives that are attracting attention such as NFT Yield Mining.

NELO Metaverse provides NFT mining and trading that allows people to exchange NFT for NELO tokens. NELO NFT is not just a collection, it can be played on NELO GameFi.

In the NELO Metaverse, the company says on its website that it is developing NFT games for gamers to play and win. NELO Tokens.

With the earned NELOs, you can buy NFT blindbox / exchange NFT or exchange NELO for fiat through the SocialFi platform in the third quarter of 2022.

NELO Metaverse promises to build a platform exchange service for NELO holders to exchange their tokens for fiat currencies, rather than having to convert to BNB first, as CoinMarketCap explained.

7-day chart. Source: CoinMarketCap


The SPACE SIP (SIP) gaming token traded on Thursday (25) at USD 1.56, which represents a revaluation of 397.03% in a week.

The game’s website reveals that it is another “play-to-earn” style game and among the announcements it says: “Build your own team with the rarest ships, gear and NFT items in the universe.”

It also says, “Travel to the stars, discover new worlds, and win epic battles.”

And the best part for those who enjoy “play-to-earn” style games is “Earn NFT by playing and sell them on the market for a profit.”

7-day chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Realm (REALM)

Gaming token Realm (REALM) was trading Thursday (25) at $ 1.91, representing a seven-day high of 314.88%.

The game’s website invites users to create and explore their own microverse.

And it explains everything about the infinite realms of the game. Say what “AR portals transport you to realms through an infinite number of microverses, from art galleries in space to underwater pet auctions.”

Finally, invite everyone to “earn REALM tokens for dominating kingdoms.”

7-day chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

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