We offer you this compilation to binge on Netflix

We present you a “everything” of quality content on Netflix so that you forget the routine and let yourself be carried away by exciting plots within the service.

The platform has formats for all tastes, plots that are out of the ordinary, and characters that unquestionably win the hearts of users.

In this way, here we will display a top 5 of series that will always be a perfect option to marathon.


Did you like “Breaking Bad”? Well then this story will win your little heart. Although their premise and characters are very different, in the dark and bloody part these two shows are very similar.

Its protagonist, Marty Byrde will change his life and consequently that of his family after getting involved in illicit businesses. His actions will put his and his family’s skin at risk, but his intelligence, inventiveness and above all creativity to solve problems will keep his character and his family afloat.

They are also as main, his wife Wendy, his children Charlotte and Jonah and the magnificent Ruth Langmore, the favorite of the fans. Jason Bateman, Julia GarnerSofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaetner act in the series.

The drama has several pluses; One of them is that its story reached its conclusion with four seasons already published on the service and that it has an excellent score on specialized sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, which gave it an 82 out of 100 in acceptance, something difficult to achieve in the entertainment industry. . However, the show will become a pleasant routine after fulfilling the daily obligations and unfortunately you will end it sooner than you think.

“Emily in Paris”

Many underestimate this series, but those who are sympathetic to romantic comedies will be hooked. Their stories will end up being an escape from everyday life due to their encouraging air.

This Netflix original dramedy follows Emily (Lily Collins), a Chicago marketing executive who lands a position at Savoir, a Parisian advertising agency for luxury brands located in Paris, France. As she passes through the cataloged “city of love”, the protagonist will get involved with various prospects, all of them with her particular charm and attractiveness, which will cause havoc in her life. At the same time, it’s really fun to see her interact with a completely different culture than her own.

The proposal already has two seasons available and will soon return with the third and fourth.

If you enjoyed “The Devil Wears Fashion” and “Sex in the City”, you will undoubtedly also enjoy this story full of glamour, fun and landscapes that are quite an escape. But not everything is fiction, something interesting would be that chapter by chapter will provide marketing tips, mass management in social networks and that kind of thing, those who work in the area or are interested in the subject will be able to gain knowledge.

“Stranger Things”

Another one that has no loss! This story already has four installments and is about to give its final blow with its fifth season, which we hope will not take too long.

Definitely a favorite among fans of the service. It follows the lives of teenagers in an American town, Hawkins, Indiana, who are trying to live their lives, despite having an evil alternative universe below them that inevitably ends up affecting the course of daily events.

There are no boring characters or bad performances on this show and everything that happens is exciting. Of rapid consumption that will leave everyone who decides to see it wanting more.

The protagonists are Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Joyce (Winona Ryder), among others.


This French proposal is quite a hidden gem on Netflix. Fearless Assane Diop (Omar Sy) gets into impossible situations from which he always comes out unscathed thanks to his high level of self-confidence, all for fun. The character is an airplane: decisive, funny and it seems that nothing ever escapes him. The two-season show is a reinvention of the book series about the thief Arsène Lupin.

Exciting, unexpected and addictive from start to finish. For lovers of adrenaline, chases and intense action scenes, it is an ideal option, it also has its comic touch. You will finish it with the blink of an eye, because its narrative is perfectly woven.


The years-long friendship between Jacob and Rosa will be affected by a mysterious society of college students who wear blue all the time and engage in dark practices.

This eight-episode miniseries is twisted, wacky, and at times terrifying. If you enjoy this type of desperate plots, then you can pass the time watching this compelling story that will very possibly keep you awake at night. Perhaps the great motivator to plunge into this story will be its conclusion and network of secrets within its narrative.

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