We know the first: Pagov shared an apartment in Tenerife thanks to Bendov

Not only Marek Ztracen, Zuzana Belokhorkov or Michal David. Patrici Pagov (34), who bought a maisonette in an attractive location in Tenerife, has also invested in Tenerife. It was arranged by Alisa Bendov, who originally wanted this property for herself. How complete are you?

I fell in love with the apartment in April, bought it in April and am going to move there in August, until a new one, when it is painted, with new furniture, so that it can be rented out in the fall. ekla Expresu Patricia Pagov.

It will be available at the end of the year. We plan to be there until the end of August, and then it will be free, – said the actress at a press conference in the “New”.

Then we’ll go there again in November, when I’m for the bonus, we would like to drink you again in a week, she added that she plans to rent an apartment because she has enough free time to spend six months of the year there, no.

Patrici Pagov, Radim Fiala and Kateyna Bruov have not gone missing in the Nova press.

Tenerife has recently been very popular among domestic celebrities. Not only for recreation, but also for investment. Not only Michal David, but also Marek Ztracen shared property there. So we were wondering if Patricia had any famous neighbors.

I don’t know. But thanks to Alicia Bendov, she initially looked for it for herself, but ended up looking for another property, so she couldn’t buy it and left it to me. I had a wish, because otherwise such a purchase would take quite a lot of time, the actress and influencer added that there are not so many apartments for sale and when they are available, find yourself in an attractive city or they are quite expensive.

However, Pagov decided not to give up the demand for alcohol and heat. What Estonian cities does he like? About this and much more – in a video interview with Expres!

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