We introduce you to the sentimental partners of Cecilia Suárez

Meet the men who stole Cecilia Suárez’s heart, we introduce you to the actress’s partners throughout her life

Although the actress has always been very discreet with her personal life, there are episodes that inevitably came to light, so today we tell you everything about the couples of Cecilia Suarez.

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At least two men in the middle were openly related to Cecilia Suárez, some more rumors add to the little we know about the private life of the actress, we tell you everything about the men who stole sighs from the interpreter of Pauline de la Mora.

Gael Garcia Bernal

They were a couple in 2001 when Cecilia Suarez starred in the legendary Mexican film ‘Sex, modesty and tears’ and Gael was rising to fame as a charolastra in ‘And Your Mother Too’.

Surely they would currently be one of the most beloved couples in Mexican cinema, but little or nothing is known about the reasons for their separation, there are rumors that this bond was broken because another woman appeared: Natalie Portman with whom Gael García had an affair in 2003.

Cecilia and Gael’s relationship was kept away from the spotlight, it is only known that it was very brief.

They have been the partners of Cecilia Suárez
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osvaldo de leon

The actor was born in the United States, but migrated to Tamaulipas where he had the opportunity to debut on television in 2005.

They met professionally while both were collaborating on the play ‘Knoll’he played Case and she to Emily. After a year and a half of relationship they had a son: Teo de Leon Suarez.

“At this moment we are living one of the most important stages of our lives, because in a few months we became parents, expecting above all the respect of the press” Osvaldo de León

The happy couple had Teo in April 2010; However, years later they decided to separate, apparently due to differences in agenda and distance, not to mention the difference in ages deeply marked their relationship.

Subsequently, legal proceedings began: Ceci requested a restraining order before a judge for domestic violence, abandonment and lack of support. Thanks to this order, the actor was around 7 years away from his son.

Paco Leon

The actors played together the leading roles of ‘The house of flowers’, the successful Netflix series in 2018 and they have been closely related, however, these rumors have never been denied or confirmed.

They were involved in a scandal where they were accused of being racists, but it was something that did not come to light, because they apologized.

They have been the partners of Cecilia Suárez
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Leonardo Sbaraglia

In 2021, during the filming of the film ‘Happiness’Cecilia Suárez was related to the Argentine Leonardo Sbaragliaof whom Cecilia assures that she was only a fictional couple.

Although she denied the rumor about that alleged relationship, the rumors never dispersed.

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