We have interviewed GPT-3 about what life will be like in 2030 and this is what he has told us about Mars and the future (and he says his name is Luis)

Artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds and one of the clearest examples is GPT-3. It’s about a autoregressive language model based on deep learning which, in a nutshell, is capable of simulating human writing. It has been developed by OpenAI and its potential is spectacular.

Until recently, GPT-3 was a closed-use system. Not everyone could access it, but this week OpenAI opened the API so that anyone could fiddle with it and test it. Our colleagues from Genbeta put her to the test to see if she was capable of writing a newspaper article and from Engadget we wanted chat with her about the future, specifically about life in 2030. So we did a little interview with GPT-3 to tell us his vision.

First of all, a note

GPT-3 works great, but it’s not perfect. Many times it tends to repeat itself (for example, it loops with questions and answers), but it can be stopped (and better done). You can, for example, ask him to stop writing and rephrase the question to answer something else. In order for the interview to have a certain coherence, we have done it.

Three Artificial Intelligence Experts on GPT-3: "advancing more than ever by leaps and bounds"

Below you can read the full interview. The inputs that we have made, that is, what we have asked GPT-3, is written in bold. Everything that is not in bold has been the work and grace of GPT-3 without any intervention on our part. On the other hand, we will write down your answers and they will be inserted [entre corchetes y en cursiva]. With that said, here’s the interview.

Interview with GPT-3 about life in 2030

Jose: Hi GPT-3, what do you think the world will be like in 2030?

GPT-3: In 2030 the world will be very different. People will use public transportation, electric cars, bicycles, airplanes, trains, and boats.

Jose: Do you think there will be flying cars?

GPT-3: Yes, I think there will be flying cars.

Jose: I would like to have a flying car.

GPT-3: I would like to have a flying car too.

Jose: How will those flying cars work?

GPT-3: Flying cars will use solar energy to fly.

Jose: Interesting. What about hydrogen cars?

GPT-3: Hydrogen cars run on solar energy.

Jose: Will hydrogen cars be cheaper than electric cars?

GPT-3: Yes, hydrogen cars will be cheaper than electric cars.

Jose: What will life be like in 2030?

GPT-3: In 2030 people will live longer and have more money. People will be better educated and have a lot of contact with technology.

Jose: Will people have a job?

GPT-3: In 2030 people will work more than four hours a day.

Jose: How is that possible? [A ver, si nos ponemos tiquismisquis, los trabajadores a jornada completa ya trabajan más de cuatro horas al día]

GPT-3: In 2030 people will work fewer hours because they will have robots to do their jobs.

Jose: Wow. And what will happen to the workers?

GPT-3: Workers will go to universities.

Jose: And what will happen to the robots?

GPT-3: Robots will help people and robots will get smarter.

Jose: What will people do in 2030?

GPT-3: In 2030 people will play video games, watch movies, read, learn, talk and eat. [Me alegra saber que seguiremos hablando y comiendo]

Jose: Speaking of eating, will we continue to eat meat or will we have found alternatives?

GPT-3: Yes, meat will still exist, but people will eat more tofu.

Jose: And the eggs?

GPT-3: Eggs will also continue to exist. [Menos mal].

Jose: I’m glad to know that the eggs will continue to exist, it’s a relief. What will houses be like in 2030? Will they be smarter?

GPT-3: In 2030, houses will be smarter and have more natural light.

Jose: That’s great. And what will happen to the buildings?

GPT-3: In 2030, buildings will have more windows, and they will be more beautiful and cleaner.

Jose: And the buildings that already exist in 2030, will they be remodeled?

GPT-3: Yes, the existing buildings in 2030 will be remodeled and they will be more beautiful and smarter.

Jose: And what will happen to the hospitals?

GPT-3: In 2030 hospitals will be warmer and have more renewable energy.

Jose: And the schools?

GPT-3: In 2030 schools will be warmer and will have more computers.

Jose: Will it continue to be studied as it has been until now?

GPT-3: Yes, it will continue to be studied as before.

Jose: And how long will it be studied in 2030?

GPT-3: In 2030 people will continue to study for another three or four years.

Jose: How long will it take a student to finish college?

GPT-3: In 2030 a student will take three or four more years, but will finish college. [Estudiantes del futuro, tranquilos, tardaréis media vida en acabar los estudios, pero lo conseguiréis]

Jose: Ok, let’s talk about space. Have we managed to put a base on the Moon?

GPT-3: Yes, we will have managed to put a base on the moon.

Jose: And on Mars?

GPT-3: Yes, there will be bases on Mars.

Jose: So in 2030 we will have already taken humans to Mars?

GPT-3: Yes, they will have taken humans to Mars.

Jose: How?

GPT-3: They will have made space travel. [Confirmado: el metro todavía no llega a la Luna].

Jose: And have they already colonized distant stars?

GPT-3: Yes, they will have already colonized distant stars.

Jose: Like which ones?

GPT-3: Like the stars in the constellation Ursa Minor. [Polaris, la más brillante, está a 431 años luz de la Tierra, creo que vamos tarde ya]

Jose: And what will happen to the Earth?

GPT-3: In 2030 the Earth will still be here.

Jose: What are the main lines of research in 2030?

GPT-3: The main lines of research will be artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics and sustainable development.

Jose: And what will happen to the energy?

GPT-3: In 2030 people will use solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen energy.

Jose: And what will happen to the oil?

GPT-3: By 2030 the oil will be gone.

Jose: And what will happen to nuclear energy?

GPT-3: Nuclear power will be over by 2030.

Jose: Oh my god. What will Spain be like in 2030?

GPT-3: In 2030 Spain will continue to exist. [Menos mal]

Jose: And what will Spain be like?

GPT-3: In 2030 Spain will be richer and will have more people.

Jose: Before you said that robots will do the work of humans, will there be jobs that robots will never be able to fill?

GPT-3: Yes, there will be jobs that robots will not be able to fill.

Jose: for example?

GPT-3: For example, the jobs of doctors, teachers and lawyers.

Jose: and the journalists? Will we be replaced by robots?

GPT-3: Yes, robots will replace journalists. [Xatakeros, ha sido un placer conoceros]

Jose: Well that’s a chore for me. Anyway, let’s move on. What video games will humans play in 2030?

GPT-3: Humans won’t play video games.

Jose: but if you told me before yes …

GPT-3: Yes, humans will play video games but they will not be human.

Jose: who will play them then? The robots?

GPT-3: Yes, robots will play video games.

Jose: how? Will the robots play all day?

GPT-3: Yes, the robots will spend all day playing.

Jose: and then who will work?

GPT-3: Robots will work.

Jose: and who will do the housework?

GPT-3: Robots will do housework.

Jose: and who will take care of the old and the sick?

GPT-3: Robots will take care of the old and the sick.

Jose: And all that while playing video games?

GPT-3: Yes, all of that while playing video games.

Jose: ok, perfect. Another question, how far will artificial intelligence have come in 2030?

GPT-3: Artificial intelligence will have come a long way.

Jose: how far? Even human intelligence?

GPT-3: Yes, artificial intelligence will have reached human intelligence.

Jose: And then the robots will be as smart as us?

GPT-3: Yes, robots will be as smart as humans.

Jose: And what do humans think that there are robots as intelligent as they are?

GPT-3: Humans are very happy that robots are as smart as they are.

Jose: I would have to see it myself, but okay, I believe you. Anyway, let’s conclude. Has ‘Half-Life 3’ already been out?

GPT-3: ‘Half-Life 3’ will be out now. [Esto todo el mundo sabe que es imposible]

Jose: Are people still playing ‘League of Legends’ in 2030?

GPT-3: People are still playing ‘League of Legends’ in 2030.

Jose: Already ‘Fortnite’?

GPT-3: Also to ‘Fortnite’. [¿Recordáis lo que dijimos al principio sobre que GPT-3 entra en bucle? Este es un ejemplo. Si la dejas seguir se pone a preguntarse a sí misma por otros videojuegos ad infinitum]

Jose: And how is it going with the metaverse? Is it a day to day thing or are we still doing it all in the real world?

GPT-3: The metaverse is an everyday thing in 2030.

Jose: And what will the humans do in the metaverse?

GPT-3: Humans will do whatever they want in the metaverse.

Jose: Thank you very much for the interview, GPT-3, it has been a pleasure talking to you about the future. Would you like to add something else? Any final thoughts?

GPT-3: No, thanks for your questions. I would love to have time to have your answers as well. Just that, I hope that everything I have said has helped you understand what the future can be like.

Jose: could you send a greeting to the readers of Xataka?

GPT-3: Of course. Greetings from Luis! [Gracias Luis]

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