“We don’t know what to do”: Yahir reveals he has received hatred and ridicule for his son’s case

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Mexico City.- Yahir it’s a singer Sonoran who rose to fame after his debut in The academy, reality show from Aztec TV; However, what he painted as a promising future in the music It became a nightmare when her son Tristan, intruded into the world of toxic substances.

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Tristan recently gave a lot to talk about when he revealed that he wanted to become adult film actor, in addition to having their own account Only Fans where he usually posts risque content for his followers. After that, Yahir returned to the public eye, since, several media they wanted to know how he copes with this wave of scandals.

This Monday, November 29, Yahir gave an interview to TV and novels where he revealed that he really does not care that his son is bisexual, the only thing that affects him is his addictions to toxic substances, he claimed that Tristán was “hurting many”, not just him.

We no longer know what to do, his mother and I are not experts, we are parents who are trying to find the best for him. “The singer declared.

On the other hand, Yahir stated that he has received teasing and attacks from people, which does not improve his emotional situation, so he was forced to take therapy.

They’ve all been sending us so much hate through social networks and it hurts a lot (…) Many people have made fun of me and me family. They send me photos and videos… This hurts a lot. The hate they have sent is cab … but I have to move on, I have to keep working. I sincerely hope that people do not go through what we are going through. “Sentenced a pained Yahir.

Finally, Yahir said that it is possible that later he will seek to get closer to his son, since for the moment, Tristán himself does not want to know anything about the singer or his own mother.

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