We are not the cheapest, but the pension is worth it, – to the editor of Aqualand Moravia

When the Aqualand Moravia water park in Pasohlvky opened in 2013, it became the main attraction in all of Moravia. During this time, it has grown to the size of 13 football fields and currently has 120 employees, including 500 employees.

Aqualand has become the most visited tourist destination in the South Moravian Region and regularly ranks among the top ten in the Czech Republic in the database of the Czech Travel Agency, with around a quarter of a million visitors last year. We will not continue the expansion, we are preparing a parking lot, a hotel complex and many new attractions, including wild rivers, – points out the further development of the editor of the water park Piotr Pavlak.

This year you are celebrating ten years since the first opening. Did you expect Aqualand Moravia to become the most visited city in Moravia?
I know, at least not the first year. I walked into Aqualand around March 2014, less than a year after it opened, and it looked very different back then. On the one hand, the territory was half as large, there were no sunbeds on the street, not a day for attractions, the wellness center was half as large, Aqualand had not had its own hostel before, we opened the hotel later. However, at that time the water park looked very old. Well, years later, I realized that the investor who owns it can develop it further. This is a very long time, because many of us have joined a number of leisure clubs that look the same as many years ago, because they do not have the opportunity to develop you. I am honored to have her and proud of how Aqualand has changed and grown behind my back.

So can you say that the vision you had at the time of your arrest came true?
Urite. At the moment, we can state that this is a well-known Central European, if not European, water park. For a long time we compared ourselves with water parks of the same format as you in Slovakia, and we will definitely always compare ourselves to our colleagues, because they were our teachers from the very beginning. But I think we’ve moved the water parks we’ve invested in far ahead. In general, every year there is something new for beginners. If I remember that time, the cost of the project at the beginning was about 1.3 billion crowns, and I dare say that over the years we have been building and investing in innovation. But we cannot give up. Visitors are rare, especially if you have to pay for entry, for which you expect quality service.

A standard adult entry ticket to Aqualand costs a printer. How do you explain the constant concern for health? This is a huge loss for my family.
Yes, it’s obstka. However, we never claimed that we have the cheapest water park and entertainment here is cheap. I dare say that the price our hunter pays for the entrance ticket is full of quality and variety of services. In addition, people have the opportunity to free themselves throughout the day. On the other hand, it is true that there are families, they may have deeper pockets, and you only allow yourself to do this once a season. Even those who do not participate in the program and who have a limited family budget have the opportunity to come to Aqualand, we have a number of pre-sale events, for the summer we sold a ticket in advance for 699 kroons. Otherwise, the entrance fee reflects the huge cost and investment I have. We certainly don’t always satisfy visitors one hundred percent, but I know the vast majority are there.

How much bacon have you had to cook in recent years?
The last few years have not been the best for Aqualand’s business, for example, covid, which meant the closure of activities, but the water park cannot be completely extinguished, turned off and go home. At that time, energy prices, especially gas, rose very sharply, because even if we have a geothermal source of water extracted from a well no more than nine kilometers deep and at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, then the need to gasify the pool in winter, which requires considerable costs. However, the situation with energy prices has stabilized a bit, so we know that this year can be more normal, whether it is the summer season or winter. Even in the dead of winter, we can keep the water park warm, for example with other offers. Such verticality is not so striking only in summer, because there are also winter months.

fifty crowns
for parking

This year, the Aqualand Moravia entrance area has probably been replaced by paid parking. The management introduced it so that the customers of the neighboring camping “Merkur” would not use the parking lot. We approached the parking lot after the campsite had charged for a parking space. Thus, we want people not to use the parking lot in the center of our city for hiking, said Karolina Svobodova from Aqualand. Visitors to the water park will now pay 50 thousand per day, the rest – 250 thousand.

Have you taken advantage of these crisis years in the sense that you are trying to cut costs, become more sustainable and so on?
Of course yes, the biggest areas where we look for disputes are in the field of technology, so when we buy pumps today and equipment that needs to be repaired, we will make sure that it is environmentally friendly for both the environment and for us. and that costs are falling. The difference between the devices that the hunter bought ten years ago and today is really there: you can use electrical energy very much. The first step and a novelty that we are testing these weeks is a new technology for bathing in water.

How it works?
In the evening, when the insiders leave, it is necessary to rinse the large sand filter that purifies the water in the pools all day long, and for this the required amount of water is calculated depending on the sweat inside. It should be calm and a tenth of the total pool water. Now we don’t have to put them in a fuse box, but dispose of them right away: we have our own fuse station, specially built for these items. In this way, we can again clear the pool of water in a certain volume and return it to the pool. Let’s use the remaining heat. I dare say that with the help of this technology we will save hundreds and millions of kroons during the winter heating season. For example, during the winter months, the cost of energy consumption, namely water, gas and electricity, can reach about fifteen million kroons.

What will you achieve in the next few years?
Garage construction will start soon, which should improve the parking situation a bit during peak hours. Also, the construction of another hotel complex is in full swing, it remains to place it inside the territory and thus ensure the possibility of visiting the water park even in winter, without the need for a hunter to climb out. We are planning to expand the park, which was created three years ago and has a children’s water castle, rope swings and high-five sleds leading uphill. They should go there, he set up a sled, and so he set up another river, this time a wild one, on which there will be some urine and the like. We can build it completely in two years.

Aqualand Moravia has such an attractive location. How do you perceive the development of the area?
I am glad that the country of Moravia as such, and especially the wine-producing region of Plav, where we are located, is very popular and popular throughout the republic. And its popularity is growing, especially during the summer months, but also in the fall, when I am seduced by you again. This means that the quality of the services provided is also improving, including in the field of gastronomy and the hotel business, which we have long perceived as a shortage. What, from our point of view, is below the margin of error is the accommodative capacity of a certain standard. I also think that for hotels and restaurants, Aqualand is definitely one of the strongest lures. I come here from time to time for shopping, biking, beautiful scenery and more, and also because of our water park.

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