We already know when the rankeds will arrive in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 It has been a resounding success in sales, currently positioning itself as the best-selling product in any entertainment medium. However, there are many fans who found themselves lacking a place to really test their level, and Modern Warfare 2 still does not have qualifying games, however, this will be resolved soon, as Treyarch has already announced that the date for the arrival of ranked in Modern Warfare 2 is 2023.

Although it seems that yes, the announcement by Treyarch It is not strange, since they are the ones who have been taking care of the rankeds of Call of Duty in recent years, having managed this mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard and more obviously in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, being so, it is now Treyarch who announces when the rankeds arrive at Modern Warfare 2in addition to talking a little about everything they will bring.

We already know when the rankeds will arrive in Modern Warfare 2

The announcement through the account of Treyarch Twitter brings us a list of everything related to upcoming content, in addition to pointing out when the rankeds will arrive in Modern Warfare 2, only stating that they will arrive sometime in 2023, although it is not specified when exactly. The tweet in question lists the following: different competitive modes, ranked divisions based on player level, visible stats for each player, top 250 leaderboard, and exclusive competitive rewards.

Although the date set sounds strange, since a considerable part of the useful life of the game will have already been lost, this could go hand in hand and reaffirm the rumors that Activision will abandon annual releases in the Call of Duty sagathus giving full focus to Modern Warfare 2 during 2023, which seems true for all the content that has been rumored recently.

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