Walking Dead actor loses his life, Tyler Sanders

Unfortunately, yesterday, Saturday, the sensitive loss of the young man was announced. actor Tyler Sanders, who barely had 18 years old, so social networks have been filled with messages in support of loved ones and relatives, in a truly unfortunate situation for a young man who still had a great future in the industry.

He participated in successful television projects such as Fear The Walking Dead, Just Add Magic Y 9-1-1, among others, even receiving an Emmy Award nomination for his performance in the series Just add Magic: Mystery City.

According to information shared by his representative to various US media outlets, he was found dead inside his home in Los Angeles California.

Tyler was a very talented actor who had a future ahead of him, originally from a really incredible family, he is surely going through one of the most painful moments in his life, so respect is asked for the sensitive subject.

So far it is not known why it happened, but some investigations are being carried out to get to the bottom of this, his representative assures that it will be investigated until he speaks the truth and, therefore, his family and friends are also waiting for a resolution and a Explanation.

We will have to wait to see what the autopsy says, but for now we will remember that he had a 10-year career starring in some short films and in 2017 he received one of the roles that would launch him to stardom in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ .

The last we heard of him was a post made on his official Instagram where he appeared wearing a very elegant navy blue suit, from the terrace of his house in Vail, Colorado, posing with great poise before the professional camera.

Of course, his followers also resented the loss of Tyler Sanders, so they have been supporting as much as they could, with various messages, sharing photos and videos of him.

We wish his relatives soon resignation, that the reason for his loss be known and above all that he rest in peace.

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