Vocation of service and empathy are key for those who seek to enter the Faculty of Medicine

It is not a mystery to anyone, that there are many young people who are currently preparing to fulfill the dream of going to university and studying a career in the area of ​​health. That is why it is important to know what skills to develop and what aptitudes to have when thinking about these options.

In this way, the Universidad Católica del Maule expanded its academic offer, to give new opportunities to those who want to train in the Maule Region, thus, for Admission 2022, the Baccalaureate in Biomedical Sciences will be taught at the San Miguel de Talca headquarters, with a duration of 4 semesters.

For more information about the careers, interested students are invited from Prenovato UCM to watch the talk at https://www.youtube.com/c/PrenovatoUCM

In the case of Medicine, Dr. Guillermo Llévenes, academic School of Medicine of the UCM, stressed that the essential thing that young people who are thinking about this career should have is the vocation of service and empathy towards people and future patients. Regarding skills, he stressed that it is necessary to have study habits and perseverance.

While for those who are thinking about other careers in the health area, such as Chemistry and Pharmacy, the director of that School Paulo González explained that “honesty, dedication and vocation are fundamental, although knowledge is essential it is also true that This can be acquired, but the vocation of service ensures that the professional places the patient with the final objective when making therapeutic and care decisions, this means that the health professional must always be willing to give everything to take care of his patient and ensure that this care is timely and adequate “.

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And he added that the above “exceeds simply meeting a schedule and” only doing what is possible “, the delivery must be consistent with his vocation, keeping the study as a habit for the rest of his life in order to be up to date with the most current therapies. and offer them to their patients, as well as consider personal situations of a cultural, social and economic nature that may influence the correct recovery of the health condition that they have lost ”.

The UCM academic Dr. Guillermo Llévenes, also stressed that it is not only necessary for young people to choose which career to study, but it is also very important where.

“There are many advantages of studying at the UCM, we are the most experienced faculty in the region, we have consolidated ourselves at a regional and national level, we have a team of excellent teachers and administrators, our clinical fields are diverse, our university facilities are new, we have inter-university alliances with national and international universities. University life is lived with various recreational, sports and artistic activities. We are the only ones in the region that have a student center that actively participates in the Inter-School Medicine Games, JIM and various activities with other medical schools ”, assured Dr. Llévenes.

While the academic, Paulo González emphasized the spirit of service that the UCM seeks to promote in the students who are trained in this house of studies.

“The spirit of service is cultivated daily at the beginning in the classroom to gradually go into simulation situations such as role playing in order to educate and sensitize the professional in the action environment that will be found and that is usually gravitating in the good therapeutic results or for health purposes that it is proposed to achieve, this is how in practice this must be supervised and evaluated to finally achieve a comprehensive professional who contributes fully to the health team and not only from a disciplinary point of view, but also from a the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ”.

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