Vlad Pascu can no longer escape prison by execution. Prosecutors have expanded criminal liability, and the “Anastasia Law” comes into force

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The prosecutor’s office extended the investigation of a criminal case in the case of an accident on May 2, as a result of which two young people died. PHOTO Capture Digi24

The prosecutor’s office extended the investigation of a criminal case in the case of an accident on May 2, as a result of which two young people died. Vlad Paska, the same one who was driving a car that drove into a group of young people, will also be accused of driving under the influence of drugs. He will no longer be able to escape from prison, since the provisions of the Anastasia Law come into force in this way.

An examination by the Institute of Forensic Medicine showed that he had taken a drug cocktail.

The conclusion of the toxicological examination, requested by the Constanta prosecutor’s office, which is investigating this case, shows that Vlad Pascu took six drugs. Blood tests showed the presence of these substances in the body. Experts say it’s a mixture of banned substances that the 19-year-old used before he got behind the wheel.

The toxicological examination has evidentiary value and has been transferred to the case.

Initially, Vlad Pask was charged with manslaughter, causing bodily harm and leaving the scene.

After the extension of the investigation, he will also be charged with driving under the influence of psychoactive substances. Thus, the provisions of the “Anastasia Law” will be applied to him, which provides that those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and become the culprit of a fatal accident will be in prison.

Two young people died on August 19 in the 2 May settlement of the city of Constanta after Vlad Pascu hit them hard and left as if nothing had happened. Three other youths were taken to hospital with serious injuries from the impact.

Minister of the Interior Catalin Predoiu presented on Monday the report of the Control Body on the May 2 incident. Predoiu said the driver, Vlad Pascu, was stopped in traffic by the head of the Constanta Road Service the day before the accident. The chief commissioner did not punish him for not having a rookie badge and did not take away his license plates.

What does the law “Anastasia” provide for?

The Anastasia Law, promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis on July 7, provides that drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or without a driver’s license and are responsible for fatal crashes go straight to jail.

The Anastasia Law was initiated by SDP Senator Robert Kazanchuk, a former Minister of Justice.

“Within a month, the use of alcohol and drugs while driving will lead to imprisonment of those who until now could take advantage of loopholes in the law. There are no more small gates, only big gates of prisons, where criminals must remain for as long as necessary so that society, on behalf of the victims, believes that justice has been done. (…) Many people now ask me whether the “Law on Anastasia” is in effect. Spread out of confusion or malice, the rumor about going into effect next year has once again created the feeling that those who have the resources, those who know how to manage, are avoiding proper punishment, prison, even if they kill people using a car as a weapon. (…) No, the author of the May 2 tragedy will not escape prison after the final conviction by the court. Anastasia’s law, Law 213/2023, was published in the Official Gazette on July 10 and came into force three days later, on July 13,” Robert Kazanchuk wrote on Facebook 5 days ago.

He added that amending the Criminal Code by introducing prison terms for “criminals” on the roads is a form of prevention.

“Thanks to this amendment to the Criminal Code, we have introduced into the law the appropriate punishment for criminals on the roads: prison. This is a form of prevention – people must know the consequences of their actions, they must know the law, but the law can only remain a piece of paper if it is not applied in its letter and spirit, if ordinary citizens do not see it. the courts send to jail the perpetrators of such atrocities as in the case of May 2,” said Robert Kazanchuk.

The Anastasia Law was initiated after Anastasia, a 4-year-old girl from Iasi, was killed last year by an unlicensed driver and sentenced to a suspended prison sentence.

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