Vithas Málaga starts up a new Aesthetic Medicine Unit directed by Abraham Benzaquén

The Hospital Vithas Malaga launches the new Aesthetic Medicine UnitDermatology and Healthy Longevity led by the doctor Abraham Benzaquenin the facilities of the Vithas Limonar Medical Center.

The main objective of this multidisciplinary unit is to offer excellence and professionalism in each of the treatments, they have indicated in a statement.

The Managing Director of Vithas Málaga, Rubén Sanz, has pointed out that “completing the portfolio of services and offering all our patients the possibility of accessing satisfactory medicine in a safe way is a fundamental part of the ideology of Vithas Málaga”.

The doctor Benzaquén has been in the aesthetic medicine sector for more than 15 years and has experience at international and national level. The unit has highly qualified professionals in techniques and treatments, essential for the restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, beauty and facial health.

Specifically, they specialize in maesthetic medicine and dermatology. For this, this multidisciplinary unit has experts in aesthetic medicine and dermatologists. “Rejuvenating, beautifying and improving patients is our mission,” said Abraham Benzaquén, head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit.

In addition, within this service they specialize in “healthy longevity that focuses on try to delay the onset of chronic diseases typical of aging cardiovascular, cancer, musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis. Tools such as hormone replacement treatments, oral supplements, a healthy eating plan, intravenous treatment within regenerative medicine, blood ozonation and other tools that seek to detoxify the body.”

When going to the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of the Vithas Limonar Medical Center the specialists will carry out a clinical diagnosis to evaluate which treatment is appropriate for the needs of each patient, according to their anatomy and their physiological aging process.

Many of the treatments in aesthetic medicine benefit from a close collaboration with other specialties that are offered in the medical center, supporting the good praxis of the treatment for the patient.

On the other hand, they have pointed out the rise of aesthetic medicine in Spain, which is evident in a study by the Spanish society of aesthetic medicine SEME where it is specified that the number of treatments performed after confinement increased. In addition to the fact that 40% of the Spanish population has used aesthetic medicine services on some occasion. Among them, 71.8% are women and 28.2% are men. The average age of access to aesthetic medicine goes from 35 to 20 years.

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