Visiting the world of Anslava Eglish, or “Pancia drank” on the set

Although it wasn’t my first time on set, I always pictured it as a crowd of busy people. Someone is carrying something, someone is talking on the radio, something is constantly happening, moving and developing. However, approaching the entrance road to the Padure estate, it didn’t seem like that at all.

PHOTO: Lauris Aizupietis

It was about ten in the morning, several cars were parked near the estate, but at first I did not notice people. In one wing of the estate, two gentlemen are talking quietly, who kindly replied that the TV3 team should go inside through the main entrance of the estate.

special smell

Upon entering the building of the Padure manor, a nuance appeared that immediately allowed for a couple of hours to enter the world of Anslava Eglish – the smell. A scent that describes the charm of an old building or country house.

The first news about the Padure manor dates back to the 15th century; various details of the interior have been preserved in it, which I later managed to take a closer look at.

Although the events of Anslav Egliš’s novel “Pansiya drank” take place in Inciem, not far from Sigulda, where the writer actually lived for some time in a house that the state granted to his father, the writer Viktors Eglitis, I thought that Padure was not far behind everything in terms of atmospheric support and visual image. It is quite suitable for bringing the novel to life in the form of a film.

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The smell that accompanied us for a couple of hours at some point became an inseparable entity and disappeared from the unusual, becoming something quite obvious. I thought to myself that the film crew would surely laugh at my romantic point of view. Moreover, at that time it was the 45th day of filming.

At the entrance to the estate, we were greeted by a spectacle: in front of us was a wooden spiral staircase, wires and other technical means crawled among the props, on the left side of the building there was a dim room, in the center of which there was a couch covered with sheepskin (or some other animal), on the other side is a technical room with equipment necessary for filming paraphernalia.

First of all – a gloomy silence, which every now and then “interrupts” the voice of the film crew. It was broadcast by a walkie-talkie somewhere farther away. It was a rather eerie feeling, because we have not yet seen living people, but if you listen closely, you can hear that some activity is taking place on the second floor of the estate.

Lace loft

On the second floor of the estate there was a part of the filming process, which served as a “treadmill” for the finished material.

There is a dressing room, a dressing room, people are busy taking off and putting on microphones on the actors, the actors themselves sit without raising their heads, immersed in the script and repeating the text, including those who are already ready. , and are waiting for the moment when they will be invited to the stage.

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