Viral story about a wife who allowed a polygamous husband, initially agreed that the ending was not strong


A confidant of a woman whose polygamous husband sincerely married another woman has gone viral. Her husband remarried a 19-year-old girl.

It was Safinatunnaja Nasir who expressed his feelings at the beginning of life under the same roof with other women in the house. This Malaysian woman cannot afford a polygamous marriage.

“Starting a marriage (polygamy) is very emotionally draining. These tears cannot be shared. Again, if it’s my turn, I’ll cry and feel really bad,” Safinatunnaja Nasir told mStar.


There are those who are satisfied with polygamy. Maybe look at the intentions of the husband and the intentions of the second woman. If it’s good, then it’s okay, but for me, maybe it’s all over here.

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Although, when her husband asked for her consent, she was able to sign an application allowing her to remarry, but deep down she could not accept it. Safinatunnaja Nasir said he tried to prevent his husband from remarrying. However, Safinatunnaji Nasir’s attempt to convince her husband was unsuccessful, since the relationship between them was built on the basis of mutual consent.

“When they were close, I told them and tried to block them, but it didn’t work. I gave up for the sake of the children, who at that time were still small. After all, I only thought about children,” he said. said.

Wife’s viral comments on social media, two years of polygamy. Photo: Doc. TikTok @fiena_nasir.

Safinatunnaja said that women in general do not accept polygamy easily. He denied the existence of comments from netizens that he brought his husband a second wife.

This 32-year-old woman already has three children from her marriage to her husband. She said she didn’t know why her husband wanted another wife.

After nearly two years of marriage and living at home with her husband’s second wife, this woman, known by the familiar name of Fiena, admits to going through many trials and hurdles. “At the time, I was trying to come to terms with the fact that he was remarrying and trying to be kind to my second wife, but it was difficult,” Fiena said.

Fiena explained that her husband had asked her to try to be polite to his young wife. She also lowered her ego for her husband.

Various ways were attempted to live in harmony with the husband’s second wife, but her efforts were not successful. Fiena eventually decided to separate because she thought it was the best way for her and her husband.

Fiena admitted that she tried to be close and intimate with her young wife, but the more she tried, the stronger her breasts became. He also said that polygamy would cause problems for both parties, including jealousy.

“I decided to retire because I felt it was best for my husband. The more I tried to get along, the more my heart hurt,” she said.

Having decided to file for divorce from her husband, Fiena felt relieved and calmer in life. “Now, thank God, it’s calmer. No more worries and misunderstandings,” he said, who is still going through the divorce period.

Telling her about his desire to divorce, her ex-husband only expressed disbelief that the marriage, which had been nurtured for more than 10 years, was about to end.

Finna’s figure went viral in 2022 in Malaysia when she attended her husband’s second wedding. Now, there is no longer a wife figure in her life that is viral as she is thought to be ready to accept a polygamous husband. Fiena posted on her TikTok account @fiena_nasir a statement she learned from her life experience.

“I learned this from my own life story. A wife who tries to accept polygamy ends up resigning. There must be a very deep wound in the heart. The first woman is forced to accept pain, and the second desires,” he explained.

The upload of Fiena, who has decided to get out of a polygamous marriage, has gone viral. Netizens immediately supported Fiena.

“The spirit of Fiena continues to grow,” said TikTok user @Waniess Zulkifli.

“The spirit is still strong,” says @EmbungMuna.

“I hope you meet a more worthy opponent… I hope you continue to be strong,” @❤️❤️❤️🐛🐛🐛🦋🦋🐝🐝💜💜💜 said.

“I’m finally happy without a third person,” said @Ungku Masrahim.


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