Violent protests at China’s largest confined iPhone plant

With sticks or shoves, hundreds of workers at China’s main iPhone manufacturing plant clashed with security personnel on Wednesday protesting what appear to be contract disputes. Their demonstration came at a time of high tension at the factory, where most employees have been in isolation for nearly a month under harsh restrictions aimed at quelling the latest coronavirus outbreak.

Workers at the Foxconn plant, a Taiwanese company that supplies American Apple, left their dormitories located inside the factory complex early Wednesday, pushing past guards clad in white protective suits present there.

The trigger for the protests has been the delay in incentive payments

According to the videos that circulated on social networks for hours, the trigger for the protests seems to be the company’s plans to delay the payment of the promised bonuses, just as they are heard saying in the videos. “Give us our pay!” many of them chanted as they surrounded the security personnel.

Violent protests at China's largest confined iPhone plant

Screenshot of the protests at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou Stephen McDonell

The origin of the events is due to Foxconn’s latest job offer, which promised 25,000 yuan (the equivalent of $3,500) for two months of work in the factory. The offer attracted hundreds of workers from all corners of China, but was ultimately revealed to be false, sparking riots.

Clashes at Foxconn Herald a Coming iPhone Shortage

It is not the first time that there have been clashes between workers and Chinese authorities over the confinement conditions in companies, but it is the most significant because it affects the iPhone manufacturer and suggests that there will be a shortage of this product in the coming months.

China is going through one of the worst moments in the management of the covid. This week authorities reported the first death in six months. Likewise, restrictions have been intensified in Beijing, where tests are required in most public services.

Health authorities fear that if the rules are relaxed, the health system will collapse

The interest on the part of the communist leadership to soften the conditions of confinement has also transcended. However, health specialists have warned politicians that the relaxation of the measures could cause a collapse of the health system.

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