Vintage Car Ads That Made Us Laugh

Car ads these days are all about showing off the high-tech interior and sleek exterior of the vehicle, while an unnamed model prances around the outside. It’s all smoke and mirrors. But not these vintage car ads. These funny car ads are nothing short of genius in marketing. Turning a phrase and educating the public at the same time. You’re going to laugh (at least we hope) at some of these. The top three are probably the funniest ads of any kind we’ve ever seen.

Now that’s funny. Although “It goes like a bat out of Colt” doesn’t make any sense at all…you get the joke. Well played, Dodge.

NEXT: Wilt Chamberlain in a Beetle? No way…

You’ve got to love and appreciate the honesty. This hilarious Volkswagen cadvertisement (you may see a theme in this post with Volkswagen’s marketing department having plenty of good ideas…) features Wilt Chamberlain trying and failing to fit into a Bug. But that’s the point, it’s a small vehicle!

NEXT: More honesty is always the best policy…

Citroen could tell that they needed to spice up their offering. And since they couldn’t make it bigger, cheaper or faster – might as well give it a facelift!

NEXT: Another hilarious ad coming out of Japan, using a turn of phrase to perfection…

Oh boy, they’re back for more. Well played. The use of the Japanese language here is an elite play on words. We love this one.

NEXT: Muscle Beach, if it were broken down into two rides.

When you’re cruising down to muscle beach but can’t decide if you want to show off the muscle or be ready for the beach….boy do we have the car for you.

NEXT: Are they advertising what we think they’re advertising?

This ad is way ahead of its time. In a world where manufacturer’s wanted to tout the specifications and capabilities of the car – Chevy hit the customer right where they live by talking about adding convenience to their lives. Especially if they happened to have to hide a dead body (of work after a long, hard day). Funny stuff, Chevrolet.

NEXT: Your mother wouldn’t like it.

“It’s too small” – Mom. “It’s too fast” – Mom. “It’s not safe” – Mom. “I love it” – Me.

NEXT: A Ferrari, a Rolls Royce, and a Porsche walk into a bar….

Comparing your car to a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce and a Porsche…..huh. Well, they’re not wrong, are they? Clever ad, Citroen!

NEXT: They never taught us the anatomy of a gremlin in high school….

We’ve got the kid and the dog, what else could we possibly need? Clever play here to show the customer what the car fits.

NEXT: You’re going to lose this race, every time.

Older isn’t always better…but in this case – it probably is. This Porsche will likely dominate whatever shaggin’ wagon you’re driving any day.

NEXT: What’s better than one car for $12,000?

All that Hyundai! For only $12,000? That’s like two cars right there.

NEXT: We would never condone lying to the bank, but…

For all accounts and purposes it’s an economy car. Except that it isn’t at all.

NEXT: A lower impact on the environment, get it?

So this one isn’t necessarily vintage – but we love it all the same. Creative advertising right here from Fiat!

NEXT: Porsche got smart with their marketing on this one…

If only you could snag a Porsche for $3,500 today…

NEXT: Porsche didn’t exactly see into the future on this next one…

This ad didn’t age well. Not only do all convertibles not have a roll bar today – but no Porsches even have a roll bar these days.

NEXT: Another ‘go topless’ take…


The use of the blurred out lines where the roof used to be make this Volkswagen ad one of the most clever we’ve ever seen. This is truly smart marketing. We’re loving it.

NEXT: Subaru thinks it’s got jokes, huh?

Beauty is on the inside. Well, it’s definitely on the outside, too. But performance is all over, and clearly this Subaru wins the cake for Engine of the Year in 2006. As they so humbly admit.

NEXT: It’s just like in the movie!

A sunroof so big, you’ll feel like you’re on the Titanic! Welcome to the all-new Fiat, inspired by the extremely successful Titanic? Anyways, a good advertisement.

NEXT: You can call it a sports car if you absolutely must…


If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck….it’s gotta be a sports car.

NEXT: It’s interested to see what used to be acceptable to print.

I mean, we would certainly be whistling at the car. The classic Chevrolet’s are legendary, and many of them are still running to this day.

NEXT: What a deal!

We’re about to show you a complete list of what we deem to be the funniest of the funny, the wittiest of the witty, the best of the best. So buckle up (see what we did there) and enjoy the ride (see what we did there). Here’s the first one, for Porsche. Salesman: Okay, listen – usually we don’t do this but I like you. We can put you in this brand new Porsche complete with the legendary mid-engine. Regular price is $36,000….for you, only $3,595. What do you say?

NEXT: Share the road!

This reads, “We are all drivers, let’s share the road in harmony.” So while this may not be a car ad, per se. It is definitely still a good piece of marketing. A really clever idea!

NEXT: We don’t need to speak Spanish to understand this next one.

The context clues are laid out pretty clearly here. Not a lot to do but to make the choice. What’s it going to be? Love is the answer, but which form of love will you choose?

NEXT: Vintage Dodge Daytona ad.

The Dodge Daytona goes from $0 – $11,000 in just one signature!

NEXT: Classified ad for a motorcycle is hilarious!

This isn’t the last hilarious classified ad you’ll see either. It reads, “16500km, Nice bike, fast, pretty, features custom grips, great ride, girlfriend pregnant, wife knows, must sell, lawyer wants money. R15000…”

NEXT: They use a billboard to perfection here…

This one is more of a PSA than it is an ad for a car – but it’s still true and clever! Don’t ride too close to big rigs, it might just turn your sedan into a convertible!

NEXT: Save money, split parking!

SmartCar makes it’s living on being the tiniest little thing in the game, but also they’ve got a pretty good reputation for being smart advertisers, too.

NEXT: Dad?

This is probably one of the best ones VW has ever put out. Old school meets new school with a turn of the phrase – a classic ad!

NEXT: Beggars can’t be choosers…

What do you want to know about this vehicle? If you’re curious if the AC works, or if the seat cushions are still intact…keep looking. This thing is meant for one reason only. To get you from A to B.

NEXT: His and Hers transmission controls.

His and hers transmission control…how thoughtful from the folks at Hurst.

NEXT: Another hilarious classified ad.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a nice car. Not for sale, just wanted to make you aware. Thanks.

NEXT: When the guy making the ads is on vacation…

Sometimes, you’ve got to just make the public-facing ad decisions without your best players, and on the fly. Or maybe this was intended? Either way – we’re definitely paying attention…

NEXT: BMW makes some enemies with this next one..

Boom, roasted. BMW went right for the necks of their competitors with this one. Hilarious, targeted and productive. Loving it.

NEXT: There’s going to be a reason you bought this car.

You’re going to be glad you bought the car with the best safety. VW has some of the most creative vintage ads!

NEXT: A Ferrari and a Volvo really aren’t that far apart…

Which would you prefer? A Ferrari with a storage unit, or a Volvo station wagon? Yeah – we know which one you chose. But you can’t knock Volvo for trying!

NEXT: VW police cars? Interesting, but we’re listening…

These really were the police cars for Scottsboro, Alabama a few decades back. Curious to know how they got the criminals in the backseat in this one…

NEXT: BMW pulling on the heartstrings…

True love is hard to find – unless you own a BMW convertible!

NEXT: Which one wins?

In the very bottom left corner, Audi set the stage with a little friendly trash talk to BMW. Then, BMW backed it up, thinking this war was over. Audi, had a little more left in the tank. Finally, BMW finished this battle with a blimp instead of a billboard!

NEXT: Another good Audi billboard…

Dear residents of Lake Forest, Illinois, – your town just got faster.

NEXT: Things get sticky whenever marriage is involved…

We’re not sure if this is a real statistic – but it certainly should be. That would be the true tell of a great car, wouldn’t it?

NEXT: No such thing as a getaway car in Germany.

Porsche is committed to their advertising creativity, and we appreciate that.

NEXT: Really unique use of a billboard, here.

They really brought this one home, huh?

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