Vikings: Creator reveals the truth after the separation of Ragnar and Lagertha in the drama

Vikings showed Ragnar Lodbrok alongside his wife Lagertha and their children during the History Channel series’ start. But as Travis Fimmel’s character made his dream of traveling into the unknown come true, his marriage fell apart. A break that was sealed from the beginning.

Vikings premiered in March 2013 in History Channel. The series that narrated the story inspired by the Nordic sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok, remained on the air for 6 seasons until its devastating conclusion in December 2021 after so many adventures, battles, conflicting passions, betrayals and bloodshed.

Michael Hirst explained the reason why he had to separate Ragnar and Lagertha in Vikings

The successful series has been described as one of the best programs of its kind in recent times, not only for its fascinating plot and writing by Michael Hirst, but also for the quality of interpretation of each of the characters that came to life. in the drama throughout the six installments.

Among the most outstanding performances, the performance of Travis Fimmel like Ragnar Lodbrok is one of the films that has received the most praise from specialized critics. This, without leaving behind the personification of the squire Lagertha, his wife, who was portrayed by the Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick.

At the start of Vikings, Ragnar Lodbrok and Lagertha were introduced as a happy couple living on their small farm outside Kattegat with their children Bjorn and Gyda. But the dream of Travis Fimmel’s character as a Viking explorer changed the course of the relationship until it reached a breaking point after he betrayed her on one of her trips.

Let’s remember that since the first season of Vikings, Ragnar undertook various exploratory trips seeking to conquer the European horizon and expand the territories of the Viking people. Along the way he became romantically involved with a princess named Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), thus betraying his wife Lagertha.

Ragnar Lodbrok’s rise to power in Vikings led him to lose his marriage to Lagertha

Although their first meeting was an affair, Aslaug became pregnant and followed Ragnar to Kattegat to later become his wife. As expected, this ended her marriage to Lagertha. This rupture produced great consequences represented in the change in the fate of the Vikings story arc, since the other children of Travis Fimmel’s character were born from the new union and who were key in the development of the series’ history.

In this sense, the creator of Vikings Michael Hirst, defended the decision to end the marriage of Ragnar and Lagertha in the historical drama. It was through an interview with Cinemablend, when The producer admitted that Ragnar’s rise to power made him a different man and led to personal losses, the first being his marriage to Lagartha.

“I’ve always thought of Ragnar as a very contemporary figure. But of course his rise brought casualties, including his first marriage. I couldn’t have spent more time with Ragnar and Lagertha because, even at the point where the story begins, their domestic, rural idyll was over! It’s not uncommon to start a drama series at a critical time, and that’s what I did. The world was about to change, and Ragnar and Lagertha changed with it,” the creator explained.

“The starting point for ‘Vikings’ was a young farmer, married with children, but frustrated by the lack of opportunities to sail and explore lands west of Scandinavia. And soon, his ambitions begin to come true, but come with consequences. “unavoidable and sometimes dire. I’ve always thought of Ragnar as quite a contemporary figure. But, of course, his rise has brought casualties, including his first marriage,” Hirst added.

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