Viewers: What is the assessment of the appearance of Giulia Vignali in “The case is completed” on France 2?

Considered sold. On Monday, August 28, 2023, Sophie Davan returned the Denouement Pass to Giulia Vignali. After six years of good and loyal service, the host of France 2 left the auction room of the show created by Warner Bros. TV studios will open Europa 1 studios. On the same day, around the same time, Sophie Davan launched a daily game broadcast of “Sophie and Friends” on the station with blue lenses from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00. Watch.

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Good luck with the arrival of Julia Vignali

On the France 2 channel, fans of the big flea market were able to witness the passing of the torch between Sophie Davan and her successor Giulia Vignali. The emotionality of the first and the joy of the second attracted 911 000 curious according to Mediametry, i.e. 14.5% the public aged four years and older (4+) and 3.9% Women Purchasing Managers Under Fifty (FRDA-50). 45 minutes later, the second episode of the day came together 1.28 million spectators or 16.3% public and 4.5% FRDA-50s. Very good ratings, above the entertainment average for the past few weeks.

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On Monday, August 29, 2022, the start date of last year’s school year, Sophie Davan drew 781,000 buyers (12.2% of the public) before the first edition of the day and 1.05 million before the second (14.8% of the population). Since August 1, 2023, on average and in previous audiences, a series of shows has gathered at 16:15. 716,000 believersor 11.5% Audience ages 4 and up. Since 17:00 the last episode of the day has averaged 979,000 viewers (13.7% PDA).

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