VIDEO. The Ukrainian anti-tank unit estimates that it has already destroyed $20 million worth of Russian armored vehicles.

A Ukrainian anti-tank unit is hunting Russian armored vehicles using the Stukhna guided missile system to destroy millions of dollars worth of military equipment. According to Ukrainian data, Russia lost more than 4,000 tanks and 8,000 armored personnel carriers during the full-scale invasion, Current Time reports.


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“In civilian life, I was a fireman, but my commander saw a different potential in me – something more opposite of a fireman. I like to watch tanks burn,” says a Ukrainian soldier nicknamed “Fireman”.

The Ukrainian anti-tank unit estimates that it has already destroyed $20 million worth of Russian armored vehicles.


The team destroys about five vehicles of the occupier in one day, using old-fashioned launchers supported by modern drones and control systems.

“This is a monitoring commission. It has a screen like a TV and a control panel,” the Ukrainian soldier demonstrates.

Russian troops lost about 4,000 tanks and 8,000 armored personnel carriers.

Recently, the Ukrainian anti-tank unit reported 12 successfully destroyed targets in the Bakhmut direction.

“We will be lucky if we score between 3 and 5 goals a day. An armored car, an infantry fighting vehicle, a tank, a half-tank…” the soldier continues.

The open source intelligence site Orix estimates that around 2,000 Russian tanks have been destroyed. It lists fewer occupant losses as it is based on photo-confirmed losses only.

“I am the person who takes a rocket, runs to Stukhna and exchanges the used one for a new one,” says another unit soldier.

“I’m happy when the job is done. It’s not euphoria,” says another soldier.

“I don’t see anything but targets that need to be destroyed,” continues the Ukrainian soldier, nicknamed the “fireman.”


The Ukrainian anti-tank unit has become a valuable target for Russian troops. For example, a Ukrainian soldier nicknamed “Fireman” underwent a major operation on his internal organs due to combat wounds.

“I saw that my stomach was retracted and four tubes were hanging from it. I thought, “What did they take out into the field?” the soldier recalls. Despite what he had to go through, he decided to return to his team on the battlefield.


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