(Video) The current status of princesses featured in games from the 90s! how attractive

Games in the 80s and 90s had simple plots. There have been many stories about rescuing captive princesses, let’s see how these princesses have changed!

The first is Princess Peach from Super Mario. Princess Peach first appeared in Super Mario for the Nintendo Famicom released in 1985! He continues to appear in every series to this day. At first, only the profile was displayed in 2D points, but now she changed her hair color to yellow and became very beautiful in full 3D!

The second is Princess Prin Prin from the Demon World. The pitiful princess who was caught every time in the TV series “Magye Village”, a 19-year-old blue-haired beautiful heroine. There were rumors that she had some kind of affair with the main character Arthur. If you look at the latest work “Resurrection”, you can see that she has become very beautiful.

The third is Prince of Persia. In the beginning, everyone must have gone on a journey to rescue the captured princess, but since there were many subsequent episodes, each episode was depicted in a different atmosphere. Each one showcases a different princess charm!

The current situation of princesses caught in the games of the 90s!  how attractive
Current status of princesses captured in 90s games! how attractive

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