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Last April, news broke of the arrest of United States goalkeeper Hope Solo for driving under the influence of alcohol.

And recently the video came to light where the famous soccer player is seen drunk, accompanied by her twin children, inside her car in the parking lot of a supermarket in North Carolina.

In the images, Solo is seen when she is approached by a police officer and asks her to get out of her truck, receiving as an answer that the athlete was taking a nap.

“Hello, can you open the door for me? Is it okay? People were a little worried that you guys were sleeping here and wanted to make sure you were okay,” says the police element. Hope simply replied, “I’m taking a nap.”

Look at the goalkeeper’s arrest

Following the events, Hope pleaded guilty nearly four months after she was found unconscious. It should be noted that she was also charged with misdemeanor child abuse and resisting a public official in connection.

It could be worst

The former professional player was given a 24-month suspended sentence and a 30-day active sentence. She was given 30 days credit for the time she spent in an inpatient rehab facility. The judge also ordered Solo to pay $2,500 in fines and a $600 fee for the cost of laboratory tests.

You must also get a substance abuse evaluation and complete all recommended treatment.

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