video of a bear running down the road

After a few seconds, to their amazement, they managed to capture the scene on their smartphone. We see the bear running at high speed along the roadway to eventually win back the shoulder and start climbing up the massif. One last look at the car and the bear disappeared between the trees and bushes.

Precedents in 2023

Recently other bears have been filmed in this sector of the Catalan Pyrenees. So, back in August 2023, footage of a bear and her two cubs eating blueberries was captured by the Catalan association Depana.

Finally, in May last year, a Catalan forest ranger filmed for the first time the three cubs born this year in the company of his mother. As a reminder, 76 bears were discovered in the Pyrenees in 2022, including eight litters of thirteen cubs, according to the Brown Bear Network’s 2022 report.

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