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July 23, 2023, 03:56 PM
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Yesterday morning I wrote about the experience of a youtuber from Norway who intended to drive 1000 km in a 10 year old Nissan Leaf, his car is relatively well preserved having driven less than 90 thousand km, but in any case with a battery that has been badly degraded after 10 years of use. Well, if yesterday he was only reporting the first 400km, now he has also posted images of the entire experience where he had to charge his car 23 times to travel 1000km, resulting in an average distance between charges of about 42km!

After 9 hours of driving, he barely covered 500 km, and that, while in Norway, he was able to use many fast charging stations, so he was not constrained by their absence and did not have to recalculate the time of his stops at the outlets because of them.

However, after about 400 km, the car’s battery warmed up to 53-55 degrees Celsius, and it no longer received high power in fast charging sockets, but started from about 35 kW, after which it reduced reception to 15-20 kW. And this inevitably increased the loading time.

The Norwegian tried to use it on slower roads, off the Autobahn, to cool the car when driving slower, but it didn’t work too well. And when he wanted to accelerate to catch up with the truck, he found that the car was giving him little power due to an overheated battery.

And all this in the climate of Norway, where it was 12 degrees at night and 15-20 degrees during the day! Moreover, at night, an additional interior heating system was used, with its own battery, so as not to completely cut off the already meager autonomy of the car.

Thus, 1000 km were only covered at 18:46, although the youtuber started around 22:30 the day before and walked or stayed at charging stations all this time. In fact, that means 20 hours and 15 minutes to travel 1,000 km on a 10-year-old Leaf in a country with enough stations to stop somewhere to recharge every 40 km.

Of course, today’s electric vehicles, with better battery management systems and higher capacities, wouldn’t achieve such poor performance in just 10 years of operation and not even cover 60,000 miles. But this Leaf is a telling indication of how quickly early electric vehicles degraded after a relatively short lifespan during which cars with other types of powertrain would still be very efficient.

See all this in the video below.







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