VIDEO: A promotional platform mocks Zuckerberg and his metaverse by presenting the ‘Icelandverse’


Nov 13, 2021 08:53 GMT

In the images, a double of the founder of Facebook appears, in a house overlooking the typical Icelandic landscapes, introducing viewers to “an enhanced reality.”

Icelandic platform Inspired by Iceland published a promotional video on Thursday consisting of a parody of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerbeg’s recent metaverse presentation.

In the video, a Zuckerberg stuntman, found in a house overlooking Icelandic landscapes, introduces viewers to the ‘Icelandverse’, a place that represents “an enhanced reality without silly-looking headphones.”

“Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach that will help bring the world together, without being super strange,” says the presenter.

Zuckerberg’s doppelganger also points out that in this world “everything is real”, before trying to leave the house and fail to open the door.

After a change of scenery, the actor appears near a pool of hot water, stating that the reality of ‘Icelandverse’ is “completely immersive with water that is wet.”

Likewise, the images show different characteristic landscapes of the country: volcanic rocks, geysers and waterfalls. “The ‘Icelandverso’ is a world with such infinite possibilities that they will be here forever,” sums up the presenter.

Apparently, numerous netizens appreciated the joke, which garnered a lot of reactions. Thus, a user wrote in the comments that “this is the greatest thing” he has seen and that “now he wants to move to Iceland”. Another Twitter user Indian that “the award for the best (and most brazen) announcement of 2021 goes to Iceland”.

Zuckerberg announced on October 28 that Facebook has officially changed its name and will operate under the name Meta. The step seeks to reflect the new approach of the company that works in the construction of its metaverse.

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