VIDEO ⟩ On the Bauska Highway, a truck with several tons of stones drives into a ditch

On the morning of Monday, August 28, a truck accident on the Kekava-Iecava highway exacerbated the already difficult driving due to rain. Drivers had to stand in long lines and change clothes like lightning.

The driver of the crashed truck told the program: “The car that was causing the problem, I got closer to the curb, but it was soft and I rolled over. There is nothing more to say. Now no stress? Well, that’s better. was first.”

Apart from the fact that the ditch in the backyard is shallow, getting the wheelbarrow out of the mud was technically difficult. A heavy vehicle was loaded with several tons of crushed stone, which was delivered to a construction site on the Jurmala side. It even took two large tow trucks to pull the van out.

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