VIDEO ⟩ Household appliances and furniture fly from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Ilguciems

A pensioner near a residential building says that every now and then someone throws unnecessary things onto the loggia or balcony, including furniture and household appliances, which are not collected later.

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One day, the neighbors on the fourth floor—three young men—tossed a whole series of things, including potato sacks and boxes. One of the culprits stated that it was too difficult to carry things down.

One of the neighbors filmed the incident on video and called the police. After that, the men had to pack up.

“Throwing things out of the window can, first of all, endanger others. Therefore, such behavior, depending on the circumstances, qualifies as hooliganism or petty hooliganism. (..) If someone is injured, it is quite likely that the Criminal Law may be applied and imprisoned,” says Toms Sadovskis, spokesman for the Riga Municipality Police.

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