VIDEO ⟩ Emotional! Some of the storks affected by the hurricane are being repaired and returned to the wild.

As doctors said Monday that three more storks are in good health, the birds will be able to return to their natural homes on Tuesday.

“On the first day, they were all lying on the ground, no one was standing. They were in shock,” says Alexander Sinevolnov, a representative of the Wing of a Friend association.

In order for the release to be successful, representatives of the association placed all three healthy storks in a separate enclosure. Before the release, a representative of the society caught each of the storks in order to remove the identification ring.

“It was something we had not seen for 13 years,” says Aneta Asare Sinevolnova, founder of the Friend’s Wing association.

According to the society, these will be the last three storks released this year. Since everything that happened is emotionally difficult and unprecedented, the founder of the society cannot hold back her tears and wants to say a big thank you to everyone.

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