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The actress Victoria Ruffo is internationally recognized for having starred in different telenovelas of Televisa like “Triumph of love”, “La malquerida”, “Hug me very strong”, among others. In addition, he has been in the public eye for some controversies with his ex-partner Eugenio Derbez. Despite being a public figure, the actress has known how to take care of her daughter and has avoided exposing her in the media. But who is the young woman?

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Victory Ruffo she has been married since 2001 to Omar Fayad Meneses, the current governor of the state of Hidalgo, with whom he has a 17-year-old daughter who has stayed away from the world of entertainment, reflectors and camera lenses.

About Vicky is known mainly from her mother’s social networks, whose activity is constant on platforms such as Instagram, where she has more than 2 million followers.

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One of the few photos of Victoria Ruffo with her daughter Victoria Fayad (Photo: Victoria Ruffo / Instagram)
One of the few photos of Victoria Ruffo with her daughter Victoria Fayad (Photo: Victoria Ruffo / Instagram)


17 years ago Victory Ruffo gave birth to a girl named Victory Fayad, who to date has kept a reserved profile and stays away from the world of entertainment and Mexican entertainment.

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Shortly after reaching the age of majority, Victoria Fayad She has just been seen in some photos that her own mother posted on her Instagram. In the image you can see the teenager surrounded by her family.

Own Victoria Ruffo She is proud of her children and publishes photographs of her children, such as one where she appears Jose Eduardo Derbez, Victoria Fayad and Anuar Fayad those who enjoy a day at the pool.

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The young Victory Fayad He has attracted the attention of the different media for having an appearance similar to his mother, Victory Ruffo. She is thin and also sports brown hair.

In the photographs where the young woman has been seen, she shows an innocent face and a somewhat shy smile.

Victoria Fayad is the daughter of Victoria Ruffo.
Victoria Fayad is the daughter of Victoria Ruffo.


The actress María Victoria Eugenia Guadalupe Martínez del Río Moreno-Ruffo, is also known in the acting world as Victoria Ruffo and was born on May 31, 1962 in Mexico City.

Victoria Ruffo began her career as a professional actress in the 1970s. It was 1980 when she began to participate in several films and later began to star in many soap operas.

In Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia he had great popularity after participating in productions such as “Simply María”, “La fiera”, “La madrastra” and “Victoria”, among others.

Ruffo had a romantic relationship with the actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez and is currently a couple of the politician Omar fayad.

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Jose Eduardo Derbez He has said that, over the years, he has understood that must not intercede so that their parents get along.

“Well, what for? I am not interested in them being the best friends of the soul and their relationship was already 25 years ago, it has already happened”he commented.

The actor, also now, wears a Cordial relationship with both and it seems that, despite the differences, that’s paying off for your family.


The renowned actress Victoria Ruffo evoked her past with a photograph of her childhood that she posted on her official Instagram account. His fans have been the most excited to see the snapshot.

In the black and white image, the protagonist of “La Madrastra” appears with her sisters, Marcela and Gaby, when they were children. The three of them lean their bodies on a car while staring at the camera.

“What monitas”, Victoria wrote in the caption of the photo that so far has accumulated more than 14 thousand “likes” and countless comments.

“Divine”, “Beautiful”, “Bella”, “My precious Vic”, “How beautiful”, “How beautiful”, “That is the most beautiful photo I will see today”, “My three favorite girls”, “Thank you for every photo you upload ”,“ Beautiful memory ”,“ I love it ”, son some reactions from his fans.

This is not the first time that the renowned Mexican actress shares a family photograph with her followers; However, it is the first photo that he publishes in the company of his sisters, who also belong to the world of entertainment.

Her sister Gaby became famous in the 90s as the host of the children’s program “TVO”, while Marcela is a television producer.


In 2019, the Cuban actor revealed to Univision Entertainment that there are followers who have lost the dimension of what is real and what is not.

“It is an impressive thing, it is a very interesting social phenomenon to study, Victoria and I have worked on projects together and the public welcomes us as if we were a real couple, but each one has their own life, their family.” Évora.

“We get along very well together, but each one has their partners, that is a reality, each one has their own life and mixing the stories that we have interpreted and bringing that to real life, that is… having a great, but very great imagination, ”he explained.

Cesar Évora reports that they have followers who assure they have seen him with Victoria Ruffo on vacation and in a romantic plan: “Especially the public of the networks that are becoming more and more crazy that they invent something more sophisticated and more complicated. It is impressive to see how they get feedback because someone says: ‘I saw it and I went and this’, where do they get that from? ”, He added.

What could be innocent fantasy stories has crossed the line of what is acceptable. In this interview, the Cuban actor denounced that some followers have fallen into “fanaticism” insulting their family and co-workersor, because they feel that he has betrayed ‘The Queen’, with whom they would like to have a relationship outside of the novels.

“They have even threatened to kill me, because I was betraying Victoria, that’s crazy! Even the actress who replaced Victoria in the theater has also received threats and insults on social networks. someone because they consider that you are betraying someone? “

On another occasion, Cesar Évora once again denied the rumors that romantically relate him to Victoria Ruffo. “Here there has been no link beyond the professional and I have tired of repeating that. And I have talked about my family, I always talk about my family, and somehow they have always wanted to link me with Victoria in a sentimental way ”.

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It all started when Victoria Ruffo got pregnant with Eugenio Derbez, as some media allegedly said, to avoid the press scandal, they decided to get married and there were even wedding rings, but this is not what the famous comedian said.

During a talk with his son José Eduardo to Youtube, Debez said that if there was a wedding, however, he clarified that it had only been “symbolic” and mentioned that there were also rings, but it was not formal and said that they were both aware of that.

In addition, Eugenio said that that celebration was very cool because they were friends of both and there were even hamburgers and pizzas for the guests, but it was not a royal wedding.

For her part, Victoria declared that she did not know that everything was “false” and it was a “joke”, which caused the relationship between the two to be affected little by little.

Later, during a People interview with the comedian, he pointed out that the actress and mother of Jose Eduardo she had used the “fake wedding” thing to take her son away from her, as she said she used that as an argument to stay with him.

Despite this, Rufo assures that she was deceived and that he and everyone knows it, even in an interview for a program he said that he had to go to therapy because he felt “fat, old, ugly and neglected.”



Victoria Ruffo: Peruvian Pisco Sour
Victoria Ruffo: Peruvian Pisco Sour null

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