Vicente Fernández: what is Chente’s HEALTH status TODAY, Tuesday, November 16? | VIDEO

More than 13 days have passed since the last medical report of Vicente Fernandez on his official Instagram account. The media and millions of followers of who is considered one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music, are still waiting for the dynasty to publish the report, but in the absence of this, it was Alejandro Fernandez at his concert in Guanajuato, who gave the details of the health status of Chentetoday, tuesday, november 16.

The Fernández family has maintained close communication with ‘The Charro of Huentitán‘In recent days, after the doctors transferred him to a room, they already extended the visiting hours within the Country 2000 in Guadalajara. The daughter of ‘The foal‘, CamilaShe was one of the last to see him in her room and gave very good news to the public. In an interview with “Los Angeles Times” she explained that she is very happy to see how she continues to improve ‘Chente‘.

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