Vicente Fernández: what is Chente’s HEALTH status TODAY, Sunday, November 14? | VIDEO

It has been more than 10 days since the last medical report of Vicente Fernandez. The millions of fans of the Mexican regional legend waited patients for the official statement, however it did not come to light in this second week of the month. Despite the fact that nothing new was published on the singer-songwriter’s official Instagram account, his family has detailed more about him health status of ChenteToday Sunday November 14.

It was last November 3, when the Fernandez dynasty and the medical staff in charge of the interpreter of “The Arracadas“In Country 2000, they released the latest report on their Health. In the brief post they highlighted the fact that having left the intensive care area had helped him to have a greater advance in interaction and function. In addition, the charro remains “awake” during the day, while he is visited in his hospital room. and he even interacts with the medical staff in charge or family members who visit him during the allowed hours. Among other details about his state, they read:

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