Vicente Fernández: what is Chente’s HEALTH status TODAY, Monday, November 15? | VIDEO

A new week began and the millions of followers of Vicente Fernandez They are hopeful that more information will finally be revealed about how the Jalisco idol is doing, just over 100 days after being hospitalized as an emergency at the Country 2000 in Guadalajara. Waiting for a new medical report, it was his granddaughter Camila Fernandez who gave unpublished details about him health status ofChentetoday, monday, november 15.

The fans and media of ‘The Charro of Huentitán‘They waited for a new medical report since last Monday, but this was never published on the singer-songwriter’s official Instagram account, so it is expected that this same day, more about his health will be revealed, since the last known officially by the doctors and the Fernandez dynasty dates from far away November 3.

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