Vermouth: how is the new social network for older adults

vermouth application
vermouth application

Social network It is a concept adopted at the beginning of the years 2000 to identify websites dedicated to linking people with similar tastes and interests. However, those who were born long before these became popular, have not been able to easily adapt to the functions or services they offer.

That is why the vermouth platform emerges as a different option, as it is designed for a larger audience than 55 years old with the intention of integrating them into the digital ecosystem.

The app, which is available for download at Play Store Y app store, invites you out of the house to meet people who share your interests. “Activities designed for people with life experience (…) life is just a number” is the phrase that summarizes the final objective of the platform.

The digital platform works as a social network that is not only limited to carrying out virtual activitiesbut also offers experiences real as social gatherings based on leisure and capacity development, so it could look like a club for older adults.

vermouth application
vermouth application

In the specific section of Activities which can be visited from its website without the need to enter a username or password, has a series of activities such as “New Year’s toast”, “Games night”, “Online reading club”, “Cycle of pastry shop”, “Cultural circuit” (visits to a town or city), among others. All of them can be done virtually, but those that require face-to-face are only located in Spain.

These activities can be free or paid, so the app also offers a service virtual wallet that can be recharged using a debit or credit card in a secure manner and whose credits used to pay the price of activities that you want to do.

Vermouth application allows you to buy access to activities and experiences in the community.
Vermouth application allows you to buy access to activities and experiences in the community.

Vermouth was created in the year 2020 by two young men under 30 years of age named Fernando Dellepiane (Argentine) and Enric Duran Vallès (Catalan), who were part of the team of another app call balloon, dedicated to home deliveries.

According to Dellepiane, the idea of ​​forming this platform aimed at the elderly is due to their parents’ own need to interact with others during the quarantine period of that year. “I began to observe that people of that age spent all day with their cell phones in hand,” he told La Vanguardia.

Furthermore, in the Web page of the platform it is indicated that its members are “a community full of life, with open minds and that do not sit still (…)”, in addition to highlighting its diversity in interests and that the priority it has is to generate ” (…) significant links in the context of unique experiences”.

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