Ventis and Poppy decide to bury their son’s axe, 1188, game

Magone met his ex – Venti. Both decided to leave the ax and see a family therapist. Both of them are surprised that they can talk and create mutual conversations much better. Later, Poppy goes to an event with Laura Reinick, where she does not hide the fact that she has been looking for the very one for ten years. Her fans also come to see Poppy at the event. And a fan of Ilze says that her paths have already crossed with Magoni. Madara and Janis went karting for a family vacation. Janis admits that resting with Madara and the girls is very important to him. It is important for him that the girls appreciate everything, because neither he nor Madara had the opportunity of such entertainment and recreation with his family in childhood. Janis also does not hide the fact that when he leaves for work on Monday, he already wants to be at home, because it is this feeling of family that pulls him back … Natalia meets her friend Greta, with whom they play tennis together. Both are planning the next beach tennis competition. True, at the moment both are left without sponsors, but Natalia and her friend hope to win the next competition, because they also have excellent cash prizes. Against the backdrop of all the competitions, Natalya says that with the advent of the baby in the family, she sleeps very little, so she cannot concentrate, and also gets more and more angry every day …

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