Vanessa Hudgens shows off in satin lingerie during session

Vanessa Hudgens starred in the latest edition of the magazine Nylonand for her starring appearance on the cover, she shot a sensual and fun photoshoot.

The actress was not afraid to exploit her beauty and talent in front of the camera by posing in pink lingerie and other tiny clothes of the same aesthetic, which made her a renewed Barbie.

One of the outfits It was a set of baby pink lingerie, which consisted of a bra push up with thin straps, matching a feminine boxer made of satin.

She combined both garments with a pair of transparent mesh gloves, extra long brown stockings, a pink towel that she wore covering her black hair.

She added a pink embossed braided bag, a Pearl Necklace, small diamond earrings and a pair of heels made with translucent pink mesh. In one photo she posed reclining holding her bag, while in another shot she coquettishly held a corded phone as she touched a bouquet of blue flowers.

Others outfits that he wore included a Body suit rose baby with a revealing neckline and a padded coat, a mermaid dress with a bow at the hip and gloves, as well as a mini skirt that covered the necessary matching with a closed sweater, a scarf in the hair and pink glasses with diamonds in the frame.

“I mean…what a cover!” she captioned the photo with more than half a million likes combined.

In all her photos she looked elegant and with a perfectly made-up face to highlight her features. She used a tan base, blush on the cheekbones, reddish lipstick, shadows on the eyelids and black mascara, a dramatic cat eye and highlighted eyebrows; while her hair took various forms with elegant updos.

In the special interview, celebrity revealed that he is in his prime compared to how he felt and lived in his twenties.

“Honestly, I’m a sucker for the freest spirited control you’ll ever meet,” she said.

“I woke up at 27 like, ‘I have no idea who I am, what I want or what I stand for,'” she revealed. “I realized how much of myself she was giving to others, when she was really giving and turning off parts of myself. When you get older, the boundaries are sexier,” she added.

“I believe in divine timing and for some reason I wasn’t meant to be in that place before.” I am so grateful to have him later in life because I feel more comfortable with who I am as a human being.”

Prior to Nylonthe actress appeared on the cover of Women’s Health. During the collaboration she shot a photo shoot on the beach and revealed some of her secrets to stay healthy and take care of your figure.

As for food, the star of High School Musical said he combines eating plans like intermittent fasting, Pescarian diet and the ketogenic diet, mainly.

He previously told People that intermittent fasting is one of his favorite methods: “I feel like it’s a recipe that works for me.”

He noted that in his fridge he always has items like arugula, kombucha, cashew cheese, almond milk, oat milk, avocado, eggs, grapes and ceviche.

Likewise, he usually treats himself to fast food such as pizza, although he does it from time to time since his priority is his Health. “You have to pick and choose the moment.”


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