Vaclav Nekař started the celebration of the 80th anniversary: ​​He admitted that things are even worse!

Among those celebrating the “round” year this year is also Václav Nekař, who is already celebrating two months ahead of schedule. His birthday is not earlier than October, but these days he already has his first anniversary concert. But the festivities don’t end there, of course.

Někarž performed at the Soundtrack Film Music Festival in Poděbrady. Perhaps it is not even worth reminding that he has established himself as a singer and actor. After all, he played in the Oscar-winning film “We Watched Trains”, the fairy tale “Crazy Sad Princess” and “Lark on a String”.

According to Denik, this year the jubilant complemented the host between the songs. He apparently surprised many visitors of the event with his good memory. “The dates and names are still good. But the lyrics are worse,” Nekarzh explained.

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Apparently he was referring to a medical incident that happened to him over twenty years ago. In 2002, he suffered a stroke, after which he learned to speak and sing again. It was successful, and he can celebrate his 80th birthday on stage.

A gala concert in honor of Prague’s birthday will take place at the Hibernia Theater on October 22, that is, on the eve of Neckarž’s 80th birthday. The guests will be Jarek Nogavica and Michal Malatny, of course, Marta Kubišová cannot be absent.


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