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fiancé visa, fiancé o K1 is a type of nonimmigrant permit with which a United States national can apply for entry of their foreign partner to marry. This type of benefit applies to traditional and equal relationships.

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To acquire this type of visa, it is necessary to meet different requirements: first, the person who must request this document is the person of US nationality or citizenship. Also, Applicant’s partner must be outside the United States, both parties must be single, widowed, or divorced, and of legal marriageable age.

It is also necessary that the couple have met in person and have seen each other at least once in the last two years. It is important that neither party is involved in child abuse crimes.

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Also, with this permission you have the commitment that the couple will marry in the following 90 days after entering the North American nation.

It is worth clarifying that if the foreign member of the couple has children, they can also enter the United States with the K2 form, which is requested together with the K1.

What requirements must you meet?

The process is done with documentation that must be attached to the I-129F form required by the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). These documents act as evidence for the suitability of the couple to apply for the K2.

The costs of this process are considerably high: the I-129F form has a cost of
US$ 535, after the application is approved, US$ 265 per visa is paid,
An additional $200 for a medical exam, post-marriage visa adjustment, and conversion to a Green Card (U.S. permanent residence card) is paid $1,225, and $85 for data entry biometrics

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In total, about 2,310 dollars are paid, that is, about 11,282,201 Colombian pesos (this value is calculated with the dollar at 4,884 pesos).

The entire process takes five to eight months. This fluctuation of times is due to administrative processes and additional checks that must be made, such as verification of a divorce.

It is worth noting that, after the marriage is contracted, immigration agents will make a home visit to verify that the couple has not separated and that the conjugal union is valid.

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