US Open: Fuksovich fought back and won the decisive game against Korda

Fuksovich may be happy after five games (Photo: Getty Images)

US OPEN (hard field, $65 million)

Marton Fucovics – Sebastian Korda (American, 31st place) 7:6, 4:6, 7:6, 4:6, 6:4

The matchup between Marton Fucovic was expected to bring a big battle as the top Hungarian player could be fueled by the desire to fight back against Sebastian Korda for the loss he suffered in the Winston-Salem tournament last week.

In the first game, both showed a stable pitch throughout the match, only the American reached a break point, but Fuksovich parried both in the 11th game, so in the end the decision was reduced. In this tennis player from Nyiregyhaza showed himself better, leading to the end and winning the last two innings of the opponent.

In the second set, Korda took on Fucovic’s serve for the first time, and in the middle of the set, the two interrupted each other. In the eighth game, Fucovic saved a break point on the serve and then made up the deficit at 5-3, but Korda again managed to break the Hungarian in the 10th game and thus equalized the score.

The third game brought only one advantage of the receiver, which Fuksovich left in the middle of the set, and since both of them again served consistently, this part of the game was also resolved in an abbreviated form, in which Fuksovich showed irresistible tennis, and after winning the first six points, close set was no longer a problem.

In the fourth, the Hungarian boy again lost his first pitch, one might guess that it did not matter much for the future against the excellent American pitcher – who then won 15 innings in a row, thus laying the foundation. to bring the score to 6:4 in the game.

In the final set, it was more and more felt that the parties were tired, the games were getting longer and longer, but both continued to bring their serves. It wasn’t until game 10 when, somewhat unexpectedly, Korda’s excellent serve didn’t work as well, and Fuksovich got two break points. The American was still able to parry the first, but not the second, so Marton Fuksovich entered the top 64 at the US Open for the third time in his career.

Fuksovic scored seven points less than Korda in a match that had almost 350 moves and lasted 4 hours and 27 minutes, and he scored fewer winners than his opponent, despite this, he can still prepare for the game against 22 year old Rinki Hijikata. , who is of Japanese origin and plays in Australian colors and starts with a free card. , for the second round match, which will definitely take place on Wednesday.

You can watch the live broadcast of the match by clicking here.


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