Updated the last two real Czech folk cars.

Both the Scala and Kamiq received a facelift that affected the exterior, interior, and engine lineup.

Skoda Kamiq and Scala: Two popular Czech compacts introduced in 2019 are based on the same technology, but the former is classified as an SUVSource: Skoda

Since the Fabia is currently not included in the configurator of the domestic importer Skoda, the compact hatchback called Scala and the compact SUV called Kamiq are temporarily the Czech brand’s two cheapest models in Hungary. The first appeared on the market in 2019, the second – in 2018, so the update of the model, which was supposed to take place in the middle of its life cycle, suited them perfectly. Both models are based on the MQB A0 platform, originally developed for small and compact vehicles, and both are less than 4.4 meters long.

With its new features, the Scala fits much better into the current Skoda design language.Source: Skoda

So far, 230,000 units of the Scala, roughly the size of a Volkswagen Golf but with simpler technology, and 351,000 units of the Kamiq have been sold in 57 and 60 countries in four years across the world. For this they made the appearance of the cars much more attractive: in the case of the Scala, the triangular headlights were replaced with narrower, strip-shaped headlights, the LED taillights were redesigned, the grille, bumpers and 16-18-inch alloy wheels were also replaced.

Skoda has added a fake diffuser to the back of the facelifted Kamiq.Source: Skoda

On the Kamiq, the new grille is now steeper, the daytime running lights are narrower, and the main headlight below them is larger. Standard LED headlights are standard on both models, and at an additional cost you can request matrix LED technology with which you don’t have to turn your high beams on and off as the automatic system blocks oncoming traffic with its beam of light.

The letter branding has been updated to use the latest typography.Source: Skoda

Skoda has increased the amount of environmentally friendly materials. Much of the roof lining and door trims are made from natural plant fibers, the wheel arch liners and windshield water reservoir are made from recycled plastics, while the upholstery and floor mats are made from recycled textiles. Inside, the shapes are largely unchanged, but the climate panel has been redesigned to be easier to use than the physical dials.

Better materials and more advanced digital services make travel more enjoyableSource: Skoda

An 8″ digital instrument cluster is standard, a more advanced 10.25″ Virtual Cockpit can be ordered as an option, a more advanced 9.2″ touch head unit can be ordered with hardware navigation which, along with a digital assistant named Laura, who can be given verbal instructions, will also move into cars. Up to 4 45W USB-C fast charging ports can be ordered in the cabin.

Both models can now also be ordered with a motorized tailgate opening that can be controlled with a wave of the foot.Source: Skoda

The range of 95-150 hp engines, three-membered, has not changed externally, but the resources have become more modern, as they already belong to the evo2 generation. The 1.0-litre TSI 95 and 115, as well as the 1.5-litre TSI with cylinder deactivation, are available in 150-hp versions, while a seven-speed DSG transmission can be ordered for the two more powerful engines at an additional cost. The good news for domestic customers is that three suspension types available Both compact Skodas will also have a sports chassis with stiffer damping that is 10/15mm higher than normal, and a softly tuned chassis that is raised 15mm for rough roads. There is no pricing information yet, in any case outgoing Scala is available from HUF 8.0 million and Kamiq from HUF 8.6 million.

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