United States: a Grand Canyon destination changes its name for being “offensive”

A destination in the Grand Canyon National Parkin Arizona, is going to change its current name because it is considered “offensive”. Its about Indian Gardenwhich will now be renamed Havasupai Gardens.

Indian Garden is a very popular stop on the park’s path known as the park’s Bright Angel Trail. This modification seeks correct a historical error.

Members of the Havasupai tribe, who had inhabited the area for generations, were driven out of the Inner Canyon region by the National Park Service nearly 100 years ago. Later, the area called Ha’a Gyoh by the Havasupai was renamed the Indian Garden.

“The Grand Canyon National Park team is proud to work together with the Havasupai Tribal Council on a joint initiative to change the name of this culturally significant place,” Ed Keable, park superintendent, said in a statement.

“The Havasupai people have occupied this area since time immemorial, before the lands were designated as a national park and until the park forcibly evicted them in 1926. This name change is long overdue. It is a show of respect for the hardships imposed on the Havasupai people,” they added.

“The eviction of Havasupai residents from Ha’a Gyoh, along with the offensive name, Indian Garden, have had detrimental and lasting impacts on Havasupai families who lived there and their descendants,” said Havasupai Tribal Chairman Thomas Siyuja.

“Each year, approximately 100,000 people visit the area while hiking the Bright Angel Trail, largely unaware of this history. The name change of this sacred place to Havasupai Gardens will finally correct that mistake.”, he explained.


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