Ukrainian pilots will start training on the F-16 in August

Ukraine must also create the appropriate infrastructure for these combat aircraft. According to Reznikov’s optimistic forecasts, Ukrainian pilots will be able to fly F-16s as early as next spring.

Reznikov stressed that if these fighters were now at the disposal of Ukraine, they would definitely help to achieve greater progress in the counterattack.

According to Reznikov, the training will likely take place in Denmark and the Netherlands, and possibly in the UK or Poland, and will also include intensive training for technical personnel. The Minister of Defense emphasized that aircraft maintenance is a serious task.

He said the exercise could be shared between countries, but the final plans are still being finalized.

The losses of Russian troops in Ukraine by Monday morning reached 242,620 people, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the General Staff, 660 invaders were destroyed per day.

Since the re-invasion began on February 24 last year, the Russians have lost 4,162 tanks, 8,118 armored personnel carriers, 4,675 cannons, 697 repeating missile systems, 452 anti-aircraft guns, 315 aircraft, 310 helicopters, 3,963 drones, 1,307 cruise missiles, 7,182 vehicles and tankers, 18 ships and more. motorboats, as well as 698 units of specialized equipment.

The scale of Russia’s losses is being specified, since obtaining information is difficult due to military operations.

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