Ukrainian Armed Forces achieve new success at the front (Photo/Video): Limit-E radar system worth $200 million destroyed

One of the most expensive radar stations produced by the Russian military-industrial complex has been retired. Radar station “Predel-E” was located in the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson, but was destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces. Photo source: Screenshot.

In August, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian radar station “Predel-E” worth about $200 million. The Russian occupying forces deployed this radar station in the temporarily occupied Kherson region to monitor the actions of the Ukrainian military both at sea and on land.

The Ukrainian army continues to inflict losses on the Russian army in equipment and personnel. In particular, the Ukrainian military managed to destroy the Predel-E radar station.

It is noted that the Limit-E radar was also protected by a fairly modern Leer-2 electronic warfare system, but the Ukrainian defenders understood what this target was.

Russian propagandists previously wrote that the Predel-E radar station was developed by the Russian defense industry to equip coastal defense systems.

The mobile coastal radar “Predel-E” is designed to detect, track and provide information about surface targets or low-flying air targets.

The system uses active phased array antennas (AFA) and other technologies that increase the detection range by 10-15 times compared to a conventional radar system.

It should be emphasized that the exact parameters of this radar are classified. The only known feature will be that the claimed detection range of ships is about 400 km.

Also, The Armed Forces of Ukraine announced yesterday that they managed to destroy the Russian radio-technical complex RB-636AM2 “Svet-KU”, located in the Luhansk region. Yaroslav Oleinik, Advisor to the Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, announced this on Twitter.

He stated that the Russian system was detected by the Ukrainian army behind enemy lines using a drone. Air reconnaissance promptly transmitted the coordinates to the gunners, and they made an accurate hit on the target with a GMLRS missile fired by the HIMARS system.

The Russian occupying forces used the Svet-KU to evaluate communications systems, as well as to jam radio communications. This radar station was seen in Ukraine in 2016, 2020 and 2021 in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region.

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