Ukraine sent 8,000 soldiers to Zaporozhye, Russia was attacked again?

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, this morning the Ukrainian Air Force said its forces shot down 15 Shahed-136/131 suicide drones launched by Russia during the night and 7 reconnaissance UAVs in the previous day. Kyiv independent. The Ukrainian Air Force has confirmed that Russian troops launched the attack from the Bryansk region of Russia north of the border with Ukraine.

The military administration of Kyiv also said that the city was shelled by Russian drones in the early morning of August 3, but the Ukrainian defense forces destroyed “nearly 15 more air targets” near Kiev.

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So far, nothing has been reported about Russia’s reaction. Meanwhile, an emergency services spokesman for the Kherson region in southern Ukraine said on August 3 that Russian forces had killed 15 Ukrainian troops and destroyed an air defense system over the previous day. Germany, according to TASS.

War in the evening 3.8: Ukraine sent 8,000 soldiers to Zaporozhye, Russia was attacked again?  - Photo 1.

People cross the street near a building damaged by a drone attack, Kyiv, August 2.

Meanwhile, the leader of the pro-Russian forces, Volodymyr Rogov, said on August 3 that the previous day, Russian forces had repelled an attack by the Ukrainian army near the village of Rabotino, Zaporozhye region, in southern Ukraine. news agency TASS.

Rogov also said that the Ukrainian army had transferred about 8,000 troops to two districts of the Zaporozhye region. There is no information about the reaction of Ukraine at the moment.

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Russia again attacked by UAVs?

On August 3, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian air defense forces had destroyed six Ukrainian UAVs in the skies over the Kaluga region of Russia.

“In the morning, we prevented an attempt by the Kyiv authorities to carry out a terrorist attack on the territory of the Kaluga region using a drone. The air defense forces destroyed six driver drones,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, TASS reports. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that there were no casualties or damage as a result of the failed “terrorist” act.

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There is no information about the reaction of Ukraine at the moment.

The Kaluga region is located between the Moscow region in the northeast and the Bryansk region in the southwest. Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry also accused Ukrainian UAVs of carrying out strikes on Moscow on July 31 and August 1, hitting the city’s financial district both times, RT Radio reported.

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The situation in Bakhmut

Reuters today quoted Ukrainian officials as saying that Russian forces have not advanced far along the front lines, but have entrenched themselves in areas they control, making it difficult for Ukrainian forces to move east.

In June, Ukrainian troops launched a counteroffensive to recapture territories controlled by Russian troops.

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Ukraine also claims to have regained territories near the eastern town of Bakhmut. The city was captured by Russian troops in May after several months of fighting.

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar wrote on the messaging app Telegram on August 2 that Russian forces were “pretty aggressively trying to stop our advance in the Bakhmut area, but to no avail.”

War in the evening 3.8: Ukraine sent 8,000 soldiers to Zaporozhye, Russia was attacked again?  - Photo 2.

Ukrainian servicemen fire from RAK-SA-12 small-caliber multiple launch rocket systems at Russian troops near the front-line town of Bakhmut, on July 10.

Malyar also wrote that Russian forces are building up reserves and equipment in three northern regions, where heavy fighting has also been recorded in recent weeks.

In addition, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, said that Russian forces had enough time to prepare defenses and lay large minefields before Ukraine launched a counterattack. “The number of mines in the territory reclaimed by our army is huge. On average, 3-5 mines per 1m2“, Mr. Danilov said on television.

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At the moment, there is no information about Russia’s reaction to the Ukrainian statement. Earlier, speaking to the press on July 30, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia not only repelled the attacks of Ukraine, but also launched a counteroffensive and offensive, TASS reports.

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Page Taiwan news On August 2, it became known that US President Joe Biden wants to use Ukraine’s budget proposal to supply arms to Taiwan and is expected to submit it to Congress this month.

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