Ukraine claims damage to valuable Russian fighter jet by cardboard drone

Ukraine claims to have destroyed a valuable Russian fighter jet using a cardboard drone. Photos/Insiders

KYIV Ukraine announced their attack, as a result of which five fighters were damaged Russia done using drones “cardboard” from Australia.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told the Kyiv Post newspaper on Saturday that they attacked a MiG-29 fighter jet and four Su-30s at the Kursk airfield in western Russia.

“In addition to the aircraft, the drone also damaged two Pantsir missile launchers and part of the S-300 air defense system,” the SBU said. InsidersTuesday (29.08.2023).

According to well-known pro-Russian blogger @fighterbomber, who follows developments in the Russian air force, this strike was the first use of a drone made of cardboard delivered by Australia.

Insiders have been unable to independently confirm these claims, but Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasily Mioshnichenko vouched for the claims on Tuesday.

“Boxed drones from Australia were used in the attack on the Russian airfield,” he said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The ambassador told the Sydney Morning Herald that the airfield was a “legitimate target” because Russia had used it as a base for strikes against Ukraine.

The report on the drone strike in the description of the drone in Kursk, provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense, says that it is made in an aviation style, which is consistent with the Korvo design.

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