UK investigates possible Apple-Google duopoly on mobile phones

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an in-depth investigation into the dominance of mobile ecosystems by Apple and Google, especially regarding mobile browsers and games in the cloud. That research stems from the June publication of its Mobile Ecosystem Market Study, which concluded that companies “have an effective duopoly that allows them to exercise absolute dominance over the operating systems, app stores, and web browsers of other companies.” mobile devices”.

The CMA points out that 97% of all mobile web browsing in the UK was done using browsers from Apple or Google. On the other hand, the investigation aims to investigate how Apple restricts cloud gaming through the App Store on its iPhone devices. For example, Xbox cloud gaming is currently only available on iOS via browsers, while cloud gaming on Android devices is supported by the Xbox Game Pass app.

Apple and Google will be stopping the advance of other companies

“Computer games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the UK, played by millions of people”, we can read in the CMA publication. “There are already over 800,000 users of cloud gaming services in the UK, but restrictions on its distribution on mobile devices could hinder the growth of this sectorIt appears that browser and game service providers, as well as web developers, are concerned that the dominance of Apple and Google may be negatively affecting their businesses, stifling innovation and causing wasteful spending.

Many UK companies and web developers tell us they feel held back by the restrictions put in place by Apple and Google.

“We want to make sure UK consumers get the best mobile data services and UK developers can invest in innovative new apps,” said Sarah Cardell, chief executive of the CMA. “Many UK companies and web developers tell us they feel held back by the restrictions put in place by Apple and Google… We plan to investigate whether the concerns we’ve heard are justified and, if so, identify measures to improve competition and innovation in these sectors“, I concluded.

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