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Last week, some players were alarmed by an email from Ubisoft informing them that their account had been suspended and was in danger of being deleted due to inactivity. An account marked in this way is subject to deletion after 30 days in accordance with the terms, provided, of course, that users do not respond that they want to keep it. However, there were players who should have deleted their account, thereby simultaneously losing access to all games that, in at least one case, were also purchased through Steam rather than directly through Ubisoft Connect. However, Ubisoft support guarantees users that they will not have to lose their games and accounts.

For example, an email sent by Ubisoft was posted on Twitter by PC_enjoyer. The text with a link intended to confirm the saving of the account seemed to someone at first glance a possible attempt at fraud, but a day later, Ubisoft support responded to the tweet directly. She confirmed the contents of the email, saying that all you have to do is log into your account for 30 days and use the link already mentioned in the email. At the same time, she stated that we should only talk about accounts on which activity has not been recorded for more than four years. Ubisoft should have the right to access accounts in this way under the terms of use, but according to PC Gamer magazine, there is no such thing in the terms. However, in added context, under the tweet, it is mentioned that this can be done in regards to the GDPR as well as data and database maintenance.

User with nickname Ponpon however, he lost his account, which, in his own words, also resulted in the loss of or access to Steam games he owned. Other players then mentioned that for a long time they didn’t even have access to the email they used to create the account. Support responded to this by saying that it can be restored, as well as stating that they definitely don’t want players to lose access, so they can contact support if they have trouble logging in. A large number of accounts could potentially be “at risk”, as it is not entirely clear what exactly counts as activity. In addition, a number of players did not use either Uplay or Ubisoft Connect, but rather only as a necessary intermediary to log in. As Ubisoft games are gradually returning to Steam, this will likely happen more frequently.

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