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Today (August 29), heavy rain areas in my country will be concentrated in the northeast region, with local heavy rains and heavy rains, and secondary disasters must be guarded in this area. At the same time, Typhoon Sula will begin to turn to the northwest, and its intensity may increase again, and it will gradually approach my country. Wind and rain will gradually increase on the southeast coast. Fishing boats in Fujian, Guangdong. and other places need to return to Hong Kong in time to avoid the wind. In terms of temperature, the summer heat subsides in most of the central and eastern regions, and the highest temperature in some places in Heilongjiang and Jilin is around 20 ° C. Coolness is obvious in autumn, so it is necessary to add clothes in time to prevent colds.

There is still heavy rainfall in the northeast today. Typhoon Sula is approaching the southeast coast as wind and rain intensify.

Since August 25, it has been heavy rainfall in southern Shaanxi, from the Sichuan Basin to Huanghuai and other places. Daily rainfall at 4 national stations in Hubei and Jiangsu exceeded historical extremes in August. Yesterday this cycle of precipitation was coming to an end, but heavy rains still occurred in many places in the northeast and the Shandong Peninsula: Baishan and Tonghua in Jilin, Dandong and Benxi in Liaoning, Weihai in Shandong and other places faced heavy rain.

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that today in the northeast, east and southwest Heilongjiang, northeast Jilin, southeast Jiangsu, north and southeast Fujian, coastal Guangdong, most of Hainan Island, western Yunnan, central -Western Sichuan Plateau, heavy rains will continue. eastern part of Taiwan island, etc. There were heavy and heavy rains in some areas, including localized heavy rains in the eastern part of Heilongjiang province and northeastern Jilin province.


Moderate to heavy rain tomorrow in parts of northwest Heilongjiang, southern Jiangsu and Anhui, Shanghai, most of Zhejiang, northern Fujian, Leizhou Peninsula, western Yunnan, Hainan Island, and Taiwan Island, including western Yunnan and northwestern Hainan Island. Island and In the southeast, southeast of the island of Taiwan and other places, there are localized heavy rains or heavy rains.


The day after tomorrow, eastern Tibet, southeastern Gansu, central and western Sichuan, western Yunnan, most of Hainan Island, eastern Guangdong, Fujian Province, southeastern Zhejiang, and the central and southern island of Taiwan will experience moderate to heavy rain. In southeastern Fujian and southeastern Guangdong, South Taiwan Island and other places, heavy rainfall or heavy rainfall occurs.


Starting today, Typhoon Sula moved to the northwest, its intensity gradually increased, on the morning of the 31st it moved to the northeast of the South China Sea and gradually approached the coast of central and eastern Guangdong. As it continues to approach, there will be gradual wind and rain on the southeast coast of my country tomorrow and the day after. timely warning and forecast information.

Most of the heat in the central and eastern regions is gradually subsiding, and autumn coolness is evident in some areas of the north.

In terms of temperature, today and tomorrow, except for South China, Sichuan basin, Hubei and other places, the highest temperature in most central and eastern regions will be below 30°C, and some places in Heilongjiang and Jilin will be only about 20 °C Among the provincial cities, the highest temperature today and tomorrow will be around 19°C in Harbin, and the lowest temperature will be around 15°C, with a clear autumn chill. In early September, the temperature in the central and eastern regions increased, and the area with the highest temperature of 30℃+ increased, but high temperature weather is still rare.

This week, autumn is intensifying in the north, and the eastern part of Northwest China, the northern part of North China, and the central and southern parts of Northeast China will begin the process of entering autumn. And even where autumn has not yet begun, there will be obvious changes in well-being, especially in the morning and evening, when the coolness is obvious, and the public needs to dress up in time so as not to catch a cold.

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