Two robotic arms build the world’s longest 3D bridge in 450 hours

China has a 26.21 meter long bridge printed in 3D, being the largest in the world. It is a pedestrian infrastructure that is located in the Baoshan district, in addition, New China TV indicates that it is 3.6 meters wide and supports the weight of 600 people.

Zoina Land Joint Research Center for Digital Architecture (JCDA) of Tsinghua University was commissioned to design the bridge, although Shanghai Wisdom Bay Investment Management Company He was the one who built it.

The innovation was created layer by layer with two robotic arms, taking a total of 450 hours.. On the other hand, the materials were composed of polyethylene fiber and various additives with a resistance of 65 mpa (megapascal).

The bridge is located in the red light district, located in the capital of the Netherlands.

The bridge consists of 44 pieces of printed cement with dimensions of 0.91 x 0.91 x 1.52 meters each, taking into account that said construction cost two thirds of what the budget of a standard work would have been.

CNN explains that the engineering team wanted to honor the Zhaozhou Bridge, built between 589 and 618 in Hebei province (China) and the oldest foot bridge in the country.

3D bridge.
3D bridge.
Tsinghua University

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